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Ben Hogan

He is held in high regard in the golfing community for a number of reasons.

Firstly,many golfers believe he had the best golf swing of any past or present golfer.

Secondly,may people regard him as the best golfer ever. Although he did not win as many Major tournaments as golfers such as Jack Nicklaus, he was a remarable man. He had a near-fatal car crash in 1949,at which stage many doctors believed he would never walk again.

Not only did he walk again,but he went back on the PGA tour and managed to win 6 further Major titles,which is quite remarkable.

Please read this article on why he can be regarded as the best golfer ever.

Like all golfers we want to improve our golf swing. We watch the golfers on the television and they make it look so easy.What we don’t see is the hours of practice that goes into making that golf swing “look easy”.

We don’t need to spend the hours that the professionals spend. In fact we can improve our swing in as little as 5 minutes practice a day.

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How to swing a golf club

As with most sports,the mental approach is key.When the pressure is on we all behave differently-some sports people excel,but for others the pressure is too much.Watching the top golfers,sometimes there is little to choice between their techniques.However the top golfers are the ones who can withstand the pressure at the crucial times. These are such golfers as Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods who have shown that they can stand the pressure.

Lear more about golf is in the mind