Ben Hogan (1/2)

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  1. jaybiz415 says:

    If TW played in Hogans era he would win as much. Remember the ball back in
    those days curve more. With TW driving he would be out the parking lot.

  2. Mox_au says:

    the first time i ever seen hogan putt, i said to my fiance, he’s left
    handed, i can tell by his movements he’s left handed. sure enough after
    reading his book later on and studying him i found out he indeed was a
    natural left hander. imagine how good he’d played with his natural hand, I
    think he was trying to give everyone else a sporting chance 😛

  3. mikepownzall says:

    @jaybiz415 He would have to hit irons off the tee then, and consider the
    drivers today spin much much more now.

  4. lonkylaine says:

    LOL Ben Hogan is better than tiger woods, proof at 1:02

  5. MWolverine1969 says:

    Great footage! No way does Tiger dominate in Hogans era! During Hogans era,
    there were more great players than Tiger has ever had to deal with-during
    his own era. Equipment and Balls aside, Hogan, Nelson, Snead, the Mangrum
    brothers, Middlecoff, porky Oliver, Herman Kaiser, Bobby Locke, I mean the
    list goes on and on….


    And, a will to match!!

  7. kankrah15 says:

    Much respect to Mr. Hogan. He is the man. But to say that he would dominate
    Woods is ludicrous. People always want to romanticize the past and say that
    the competition was better i. Seriously? In every sport athletes get better
    with every generation. Why should golf be any different. Let’s get real…

  8. 45oldbear says:

    david: no contest. A man vs. a boy.

  9. dreamguy51 says:

    Hmmm, I think I would actually respect someone more who came out and gave
    the real reason behind their opinion rather than one who tried to be subtle
    and instead came up with vague/faulty logic. At least have the guts to say
    what you really feel. See what I did there?

  10. 45oldbear says:

    OK dreamguy51, I’ll give my reasons, just my opinion. First, Woods sees
    Hogan as the standard, and rightly so, the swing that repeats. Second,
    Hogan came up very tough, Woods never suffered, but was pampered. Third,
    Hogan was a man of honor, he threw himself across his wife’s body in the
    crash to protect her. Woods was a whoremonger who felt he was entitled,
    because he believed his own press. Fourth, the equipment and balls used in
    Hogan’s time were vastly inferior, yet they made them work.

  11. Diego Diaz says:

    Amen 45oldbear… Amen !!

  12. stephen f says:

    I’ll get real. Your generality about “in every sport, etc.” can be
    disproven specifically. However, it _is_ true that using the term
    “dominate” is really not supportable, when you’re talking about two of the
    best players ever. If you took the top 15 or 20 players of all time, none
    of them would “dominate” any other one.

  13. stephen f says:

    That’ll do. I see what _you_ did there. 😉

  14. majorsmythe1 says:

    Look how tough, persistent, and classy this guy was. Compare that to the
    crap, punk attitude, smirks, jerk behaviour of Eldrick Woods. These guys
    today are way to spoiled, moaners about courses being “to tough”, execuse
    makers, and just genral spoiled self obsessed jerks. Great to hear Mr Hogan
    speak. So motivating his story of persistence is. At age 70 the man was a
    scatch golfer!!!. CLASS. Todays generation of A.D.D , impatient, self
    absorbed complainers can not even comprehend this legend.

  15. ECWnWWF says:

    Ben Hogan is good for an American golfer, but let’s face it American Golf
    is bush league compared to the Scottish/British… and this documentary
    deserves a thumbs down for not covering Hogan’s 1-iron shot.

    • inmhstn says:

      There’s no film of the 1 iron shot, it does show the 40′ two putt par. It
      is a famous picture.

      A few Americans have won the British Open as I recall. Including the
      current ‘Champion golfer of the year’

  16. Stu Walden says:

    Thumbs up for winning the scots over and winning the game though, eh?

  17. Russ Jeske says:

    Hogan and Nicklaus in their primes would have hammered TW so many times
    he would have had 15 swing coaches by now. I watched Nicklaus from 5 feet
    away in 1983 at Firestone on the driving range for over an hour and
    Nicklaus never missed a shot. I watched Woods in 2002 for a Cleveland radio
    station for 10 minutes and he was hooking balls into the parking lot
    hitting cars and setting off car alarms. And I believe Hogan was a better
    ball striker than Nicklaus. Nobody is telling me that TW is better than
    Nicklaus and Hogan..Nobody..

  18. Anthony Mead says:

    He wasn’t just a brilliant player – he was an outstanding man.

  19. Paul Newman says:

    Class, shear class!!!!

  20. leaddispenser9 says:

    Greatest comeback in sports history next to Willie Pep. Willie survived a
    plane crash and said was never able to fight again. But not only he fought.
    He regained the featherweight title. and retired with 241 pro fights only
    10 defeats. 229 wins a record that will never be surpassed.

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