Ben Hogan 1965 Shell Swing Compilation – Regular speed and Slow Motion Training Guide

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Paying more attention to the rhythm of the movement.

21 Responses to “Ben Hogan 1965 Shell Swing Compilation – Regular speed and Slow Motion Training Guide”

  1. Q Da Gawd says:

    Five Lessons was dope. But, boy is Ben Hogan short.

    • luchpockets says:

      +Michael Lesesne Hogan was also known as “the wee iceman”. Hogan was like
      5’9″+ the average back in that day.

  2. Sparrow Darryl says:

    Love the music. Love the video.

  3. Richard Warren (Coupon Pickr) says:

    this music sucks. edit the music out of the video please.

    • Alan Brown says:

      +Richard Warren (Coupon Pickr) The music is horrific, truly awful. I can’t
      ever recall such a bad match up. Ben Hogan’s majestic golf swing and a
      “death goth vampire suicide” soundtrack. Thank you for the mute button.

    • semiauto25 says:

      +Alan Brown I kind of like it..sort of trippy.

  4. 2000RaceHammer says:

    Ben Hogan is a not only a golf hero but a sports hero! The original golf
    gladiator…the music is perfect!

  5. Warwolfii says:

    Geeez-us, that music is awful!

  6. Enrique Focaccia says:

    Una sola palabra…IMPRESIONANTE!!!!!

  7. Brian Reilly says:

    OK he started downswing with lower body first then club caught up for real
    power that was his secret move takes lots of practice but if you master it
    you get max power

  8. Tony Dadika says:

    lol Brian Sparks is the best trainer ever

  9. Hank Hardigan says:

    How about that stance. That’s a real rip it stance

  10. Feelin Flush says:

    Great vid. Great music.

  11. mike jones says:

    just read coolhand850’s comment, bet he yells ‘get in the hole ‘ every time
    a pro hits the ball ! I play golf with a 65yr old guy who was one of the
    best amateurs in NZ and he never wears a glove ! I might try it too. I have
    tried everything else

  12. Cian Reyes says:

    Sweetest swing ever.!

  13. Derrick Holmes says:

    Why the brain dead music….this is golf for heavens sake.

  14. claudio cesar galeazzi says:


  15. Joker The Joke Man says:

    This music sucks!!!! Sounds like cats in heat, in a garbage can!!!!

  16. Luke Daniel Borel says:


  17. M. James says:

    Music is fucking awesome! I listen to it when I’m practicing. The music is
    the secret!!

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