Ben Hogan (2/2)

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Biography of the golf great

12 Responses to “Ben Hogan (2/2)”

  1. DL Jamieson says:

    Great documentary – good job by Robert Wagner to narrate

  2. BoHoVsGolf says:

    oh my geez!! its a video of an old bobby jones!!! 1:21

  3. David A. says:

    Watch carefully, guys. 6:50 Hogan shows the greatest golf swing in the
    history of the game.

  4. MWolverine1969 says:

    I was thinking that sounded like Robert Wagner, he did a good job. I love
    the old “News Reel” footage they show!

  5. ray mitchell says:

    Ben Hogan is the greatest golfer who ever lived – If not for his accident
    that almost killed him (see his movie with Glen Ford “Follow the Sun”) If
    your a real fan Read James Dodson’s book Ben Hogan An American Life


    Hogan was not only the “Master” of his swing but the master of his mind!!

  7. stephen f says:

    2:50-2:52 — that’s the kind of sportsmanship that makes the game great
    (Snead shaking Hogan’s hand, frustrated again after missing another chance
    at the Open, rubbing the trophy). Good luck ever seeing a Tiger Woods do
    something like that.

  8. stephen f says:

    Sorta skips over that near-miss in 1960, but I guess you can’t get it all
    into a short bio film.

  9. inmhstn says:

    That’s covered in the Palmer film.

  10. Teppo Einari says:

    Beautiful! Golf used to have so much more harmony with the old legends of
    the game.

  11. Anthony Mead says:

    I watch his videos all the time. He is the greatest of all time. Not just
    his relentless shot making – the concentration and the meticulous planning.

  12. SIMPLE SPIN says:

    Ben was the greatest. As a person as well. I sent him a letter and he sent
    me a handwritten letter back thanking me for the nice letter. Just a
    genuine and straight and narrow. I told him I’d invent a product. It went
    to Solheim this year and helped get the cup back. I am a hidden hero for
    sure. But my promise to Ben isnt done yet. We still strive to show golfers
    we make a took worth having Ben associated with it. Had he lived a few more
    years, he would have been producing the product I believe. I had a
    friendship with him. 4 letters I sent, but the last came back, he was ill
    and passed away never got to see my invention papers I sent. I really on

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