Ben Hogan-5 reasons why he is the greatest golfer ever

Ben Hogan's Secret


It is very difficult to compare sportsmen from different time periods.

This is particularly the case with golf where fitness,equipment and competition have seen golfers of today reach greens with a wood and an iron,whereas in time gone by these greens could only be reached by two mighty wood shots.

However this does not stop people asking the question :

“Who is the greatest golfer of all time ?

Despite all the advances that have been made in the game of golf, many people still regards Ben Hogan as the greatest golfer of all time.

Here are a number of reasons to support that claim :

1 Ben Hogan’s near fatal car accident

In Texas on February 2nd 1949, Ben Hogan and his wife, Valerie , survived a head-on collision with a bus. If Hogan had not thrown himself across his wife in order to protect her, he might not have survived as the steering wheel punctured the driver’s seat.

At an age of 36 years,his doctors said he might not walk again,let alone play golf. Ben Hogan proved them wrong as he not only played golf again,but he rejoined the PGA tour with further success.

2 He won all 4 Major tournaments

In golf the major tournaments are :

The US Open

The USA PGA Championship

The Augusta Masters

The British Open

He is only one of 5 golfers who have won all 4 Majors,the others being :

Jack Nicklaus

Gary Player

Tiger woods

Gene Sarazen

Being part of such illustrious golfers,puts Ben Hogan in the running for the greatest golfer tag.

3 1953 The golden year

What Ben Hogan achieved in 1953 is quite remarkable considering his accident in 1949.

He entered 6 tournaments and won 5 of them,3 of those being Majors :

The British Open

The USA Open

The Masters

He did not win his 4th Major,the USA PGA Championship as the event ran from July 1st-7th which overlapped the British Open at Carnoustie from July 6th– 10th.

Such an overlap would not happen today.

In that year, Ben Hogan was 40 years of age and many golf historions rate it as the best year ever for an golfer.

4 Nine Major Championships

Winning a Major is the pinnacle of most golfers’ careers. There are some very good golfers, past and present, who haven’t managed to win a single Major.

On the all time list only Jack Nicklaus (18),Tiger Woods ( 14) and Walter Hagen (11) have won more Majors than Ben Hogan who is tied with Gary Player with 9 Majors.

The remarkable thing about Ben Hogan is that he won 6 of those 9 Majors after his near-fatal car accident,when doctors doubted he would ever walk again.

5 The best golf swing ever ?

Ben Hogan was known to practice a lot and in his early career he was badly afflicted by hooking the ball.

This practice certainly paid off for Hogan because ,although he was only 5’8 ½ inches, his golf swing is to this day regarded as one of the greatest (if not the greatest) golf swing of any golfer.

In conclusion, these are the 5 reasons that Ben Hogan can be regarded as the greatest golfer of all time.

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Ben Hogan’s Secret



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