Ben Hogan Address Arms

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

A look at Ben Hogan's arm position at address via Five Lessons and the reality of how he looked at address from video.

6 Responses to “Ben Hogan Address Arms”

  1. joe darby says:

    Ya they even invented them elephant trunk looking swing shirts. I agree
    with your findings. Good stuff!

  2. Alex Pohorily says:

    I always took that part of the book as a “feeling” Hogan had. 

  3. damian1202001 says:

    At 2:16 you can clearly see Hogan “dragging” the shaft back at the start
    of the backswing. The club shaft starts to flex and bow. 

  4. Chris Downing says:

    I think Hogan was trying to get players to have a feeling of what he calls
    one big arm. Apparently he told John Schlee who knew him well, told Tom
    Bertrand who then comments on this in his book, that this was how Ben Hogan
    thought of his arms, although after the auto accident he was unable to
    actually get his arms together like the drawing shows. Definately the one
    big arm feeling with connection of each arm to the shoulders works for me

  5. donato sammartino says:

    Hogan & Moe Norman ( & maybe Knudson) keep their right arm lower than their
    left arm from set up through impact. Here is Moe talking about him & Hogan
    keeping try their left arm lower and probably giving away their “move”!
    Fast forward to 34:19 on this video. Golf instructor Martin Chuck recorded
    this at a young age. Enjoy…

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