Ben Hogan and Bubba Watson Power Secret – Two Centers in Golf Swing by Sam Shah

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

– Did you know the golf swing has two centers, an upper, and a lower?

The upper center is located in the middle of your sternum or the top button on your golf shirt (if you have it buttoned). The lower center is located slightly below you belly button.

Developing a better understanding and the role it plays in your golf swing will result in more consistent and powerful swing.

Controlling both of your centers will lead to better contact every time.
At address the top center should be slightly away from the target as compared to the lower center, this leads to having a slight tilt of you spine away from the target, which is the correct address position.

During the down swing the lower center moves laterally while the top center will remain slightly behind or at top of the ball. This allows the hands to come down naturally and promotes full extension of the arm past the impact.

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  1. Aaron Massock says:

    Those pants piss me off

  2. Kridian01 says:

    After a shitty round of golf, this video is like a good cup of knowledge
    soup! Thanks Sam!

  3. Chersia00 says:

    Excellent video, and well explained!!

  4. shahrom78 says:

    Wow…after all the tips I find in YT… this is the best…this is the 1st
    time I heard this tip…and this will help most people out there including
    me…excellent video.

  5. 12496 says:

    good stuff, ty for sharing!

  6. Danny Patten says:

    best tip ever

  7. LK0golf says:

    Thanks bro you da best

  8. Sam Shah says:

    Hello SlimJim49Q, Thanks for the question. If you are slicing the ball
    chances are that your UPPER CENTER is getting PAST the ball at impact.
    Please make sure that at impact your upper center of your chest stays
    slightly behind or on top of the ball. If done properly, this will allow
    your arms to release fully and will fix your slice. Let your lower body
    rotate through the shot (LET IT GO) but feel that you are keeping the chest
    more level before the impact. Best regards, Sam

  9. slimjim49Q says:

    thanks Sam but actually my problem is that when trying to keep my chest
    behind the ball my right shoulder (being a left handed golfer) is way high
    in the air and my left should is very low causing the club to to come in
    open what can help that?

  10. Joe Bonfanti says:

    Sam, I subscribe to Golf Digest and read it cover to cover. I also watch
    the Golf Channel- The Golf Fix and Golf Academy. I must tell you your video
    is absolutely priceless and is the best piece of instruction I’ve ever com
    across. I’m in a weekly 9 hole league and typically golf between 44-47.
    Yesterday, I watched your video and golfed a 37. Par is 35. It’s not so
    much that I hit it further (I’ll work on that) but my accuracy was improved
    by 90%. Thank you for sharing this great video.

  11. DASH1ful says:

    I think this video has it’s merits; and Bubba’s body certainly does lean
    away from the ball at impact; but the big thing is that this is mainly
    caused by the position of his right leg at address; which is angled to his
    left. Coupled with the pressure he applies on the ground with his foot thru
    the hitting area, this then pushes his body back. Even when we drive into
    the ball with the leading leg, if the leg was angled at address the leg
    will still be sucked back into this position thru the ball

  12. yusuke kota says:


  13. sandy chahil says:

    nice great video

  14. David Huen says:

    That is the secret of golf swing.Less and less coach or people would tell
    you.Sometimes they missed the typic and sometime they don’t know.

  15. graham jones says:

    Hope youre still going Sam, def one of the big golf secrets, unfortunately
    Ive only just discovered this myself, i could have saved 3 years of
    frustration!, I have got down to 6 probably because I got it 1/2 right I
    sort of moved both centers together but know Im sorted I expect to shoot my
    first par round!

  16. Jose Salame says:

    This is a great tip. I tried it and it surely works, once your
    body responds to the new movement, something that is called muscle
    memory. Thanks Sam and regards from Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America.

  17. justjames1111 says:

    This I believe is the #1 principle in golf and should be taught from the
    outset to anybody who wants to play this wonderful game well. If you don’t
    do this everything else is a waste of time and energy.

    Great vid Sam

    Kind regards


  18. Abdul Adzim says:

    using your methods, how do you avoid having the left shoulder tilting up
    during the forward swing? the degree of separation between the lower body
    and the upper body seems very wide

  19. crailgolfing says:

    Thanks Sam for sharing this tip. Totally agree!

  20. Jancen says:

    Is this for both iron and driver?

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