Ben Hogan and Fr Keller

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

1952 Tamarisk C.C. in Rancho Mirage, Ca. Palm Springs

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  1. duke0hazards says:

    8:26 – right knee kick-in swing trigger noticed in slo-mo, went back and
    it’s there on the waggle and to start all of his swings.

  2. Andrew Linch says:

    A great video that lets you learn what Ben Hogans real secret was,as Ben
    says 70% of his game was the Mental side 30% swing.

  3. 1012ryno says:

    thats called a forward press. He talks about it in his book power golf in
    the beginning of the chapter on the full swing. Hogan Snead and Nelson all
    used a forward press. There is a video of snead talking about it on youtube
    and demonstrating it. That is a very astute observation you made and I
    encourage you to use it in your own swing

  4. herpingli says:


  5. herpingli says:


  6. Scott Willi says:

    That was cool. Thanks for posting that.

  7. ubb4me says:

    That one went about 220. How the modern ball and clubs have ruined the
    game. Thats why 5 pars are so easy for the pros to reach today, and why
    they need 500 yard 4 pars.

  8. sandman4224 says:

    The sequence from 8:22 forward tells so much about Hogan’s secret.
    Carefully watch the downswing and his hands.

  9. seemlyme says:

    Superb. Thanks for uploading this video

  10. hdphoto says:

    Thank you so much for posting this wonderful old film! This is such a
    classic film showing not only a master, Mr. Hogan, and his legendary golf
    swing, but a thoughtful interview by Fr. Keller talking about life and its
    challenges and getting oneself around the course of life and through each
    “hole” or difficulty. Mr. Hogan almost died in a terrible automobile crash,
    but Fr. wanted to get his thoughts about making such a great comeback
    against great adversity. A wonderful slice of the culture and humor of
    those early times of TV and talking movie films. So cool to see Bob Hope
    and Bing Crosby too. I had never seen this before so thanks again for
    uploading this to youTube! When I was a young teenager and an avid junior
    golfer, I met Bob Hope at the L.A. Open (late 1970’s) and he signed the
    inside cover of my cherished Ben Hogan book, The Five Fundamentals of Golf.
    I also got two other golfers to sign it that day: Tom Watson and Jack
    Nicklaus. A great memory in my life. I still reread that book every year to
    keep improving my golf game! ( More info about Fr. Keller, who started the
    Christopher Movement after WWII, can be found here: )

  11. TheNYgolfer says:

    Says a lot about the quality of Ben’s golf when a priest gets tips from Ben
    instead of his boss :)

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