Ben Hogan and Moe Norman Golf Fireside Talk

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Check out the Secret in the Dirt eBook. Cameraman interviewed me to go along with the new ebook.

20 Responses to “Ben Hogan and Moe Norman Golf Fireside Talk”

  1. swingtrade2 says:

    connection with the ground – check out snead videos. he says ‘you roll your
    feet.’ biggest difference between pros and amateur: knee flex and soft arms.

  2. 2009willwill says:

    I am sorry, he didn’t gave it all out~~~ there’s a six lesson in his
    book~~~~i am happy that I brought it.

  3. strongsi says:

    hi sevam, i find your knowledge of golf very interesting butyou have to
    admit, whoever is filming you has no clue about golf.

  4. martinkp76 says:

    just cool..

  5. aussie485 says:

    Hi Sevam1 I agree with you about Hogan irons i have 3 sets 59, 69 & 78
    model and love them i was born in 59 and that was the last year Hogan owned
    the company so it was perfect to get a set took 2 years. I haven’t hit a
    ball yet but watched 2 hours of your video’s the move is unbelievable i
    could never finish my swing with this move by grounding my right leg and
    retarding my hip turn i can with ease the feel of power is incredible. Will
    be joining the website thanks

  6. aussie485 says:

    Hi Sevam1, After watching 2 hours of your clips last night i have tried the
    move’s without hitting a ball unbelievable how much power you can generate,
    i have allways had trouble finishing my swing with this by grounding the
    right leg and retarding my hip turn it is easy. Love Hogan irons i have a
    59, 69 & 78 set.

  7. HALF MT says:

    I love your videos, but I don’t ever boil my beer..!

  8. holyrocnroll says:

    that camera guy is a stoner haha

  9. Mark DiMatteo says:

    I’ve watched most of your video post….You are the man…Hogan lives
    through You and all whos quest it is to REALLY get IT by following his
    footsteps. Its not about winning or losing but just about becoming the best
    we can become. Like Lombardi said, Strive for perfection and although it
    may not be attainable in our pursuit of perfection we may achieve
    excellence. You’ve really done your homework A+

  10. Andrew McAnallen says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Great video, comprehensive and inspiring!

  11. JamTheHun says:

    Let’s get some up to date videos going. These are from 2008. Let’s get some
    2012 vids going. I love listening to to this guy

  12. J Goldstein says:

    I have a great idea for this guy.Pour a gallon of gasoline over your self
    and stand next to the fire.

  13. majorsmythe1 says:

    Jeepers, get real !. Its golf- not life & death. The best golf book is
    “Golf My Way” by the greatest golfer ever Mr. Jack Nicklaus !. Those are
    facts, Nicklaus record is beyond all others, just think he finished 2nd in
    17 Majors!!!, Jack coulda had 30 Majors with a little luck. While Hogan was
    great, he and jack Grout who was Bens buddy said Jack nicklaus was on a
    whole other level!!!. Also, why are those Aussies stealing your idea,
    please tell me you didnt “sell out” to those guys!!

  14. RIOSKI says:

    To a certain extent I agree it’s just a game and Jack was indeed one of the
    greatest. However what I do love about Sevam1 is the passion he has for the
    game and that he wears his heart on his sleeve. I think his sincerity to
    help everyone enjoy and improve their own golf game is also obvious. I
    disagree that he’s sold out but I do wonder if his involvement/input has
    been somewhat marginalized and that he’s been given the (huge) task of
    maintaining and developing the SITD website.

  15. David A. says:

    Full belief in Hogan’s book is not just “it”. Most importantly, one cannot
    even duplicate Hogan’s takeaway/backswing with the info in the book. W/o
    that, you cannot do Hogan’s swing. There are also several outright errors
    in the book.

  16. lllbailey says:

    Sevam1: Wow!!! Listen I gotta say, your passion is amazing! But, more
    importantly, what you say about being “interested” in everyone learning
    Hogan’s swings lessons. I’m one of those dudes whose tried using my lower
    body, however, to no avail. I have no success with using my lower body.
    When i start my swing by turning my hips back to the left i either shank
    the ball or make some god-forsaking miss-hit that’s totally embarrassing.
    For instance, i played a round the other day. In my backswing i tried going
    high rather than deep because i have more leverage, and striking the ball
    seem effortless. But i can’t get my hands back to the inside. I also I
    tried using my lower body but, it was a mess. I ended-up quitting on the 18
    (Par 5) because all i could think about was i didn’t know what i was doing
    with my swing. I was totally offended by my performance on the course.
    Consequently, I’m discouraged to pick up a golf club now. I want to believe
    i can follow the techniques of Mr. Hogan. But, i can’t keep playing and
    scoring this way. 

  17. maxxsee says:

    TIME TO DO MORE MOE VIDEOS haha. I think you should start from the
    beginning all over again and maybe you’ll have some new insights or
    something 😛 

  18. ppjn348 says:

    Probably my favorite video series you two have done…

  19. Nick Singh says:

    In part thanks to you, I think I have found that secret…. Let me go to
    the range and hone it in.

  20. Frank Mcchrystal says:

    Thanks for everything Mike.

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