ben hogan back swing by jim

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Jim Mclean describ how Ben Hogan take his backswing

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  1. jschles84 says:

    i agree sandwah

  2. gamechanger1995 says:


  3. sandwah9 says:

    tell me one thing that was wrong. it was totally accurate.

  4. mbs mrcape says:

    You do realize Jim mcClean researched this stuff about Hogan completely
    ,especially from Ken Venturi, who learned directly from Hogan and Nelson.
    Hogan did transition left just before finishing his back swing but it all
    happens fast, so no he is not totally wrong about the take away and right
    leg in the video. Hogan did not stay on his left side period.

  5. sandwah9 says:

    when hogan gets the club to parallel to ground in the backswing, his lower
    body starts moving left so that by transition, his weight is significantly
    left. I never said he stayed on his left side, as his head stays centered.
    from the top he has no lateral movement. and only turns as hard as he
    wants. what he effective did was move the bottom of the swing in front of
    the ball by moving the bottom of the spine forward of the ball. only good
    way to see this is to see hogan from behind. see v j tro

  6. sandwah9 says:

    v j Trolio website. his work on hogan is unparalleled

  7. mbs mrcape says:

    I have seen his videos. I assumed you felt he stayed left or else this
    video, which may have an issue with you but should not be consdered totally
    wrong. As I also stated McClean researched this completely and didn’t just
    try and interpret. most of the pro golfers turn back without lateral and
    sway movement and transfer at or just before the top. Any way I mostly
    agree with you then. Have you seen the lag n load take on Hogan now that is

  8. DASH1ful says:

    The right leg has to straighten in the back-swing. When you apply pressure
    on the ground with the right foot (as you must do to stabilize when the
    swing when the right arm flex back to the advocated position) it causes the
    right leg to straighten.The “lower body” method advocated here will only
    restrict the back-swing.

  9. Youngsun Kim says:

    totally agree with you! on backswing i imagine my left bicepts push my left
    breast back to the right breast position. helps bigger turn and avoid
    shaft’s crossover at the top of the swing. thanks for your reminding me of
    this valuable techniq.

  10. ubb4me says:

    he’s wrong about restricting the movement of the lower body. He mentions
    this because of his incorrect X factor idea. The right leg looks like it
    leans left because the right hip rotates behind him allowing him to turn
    withiut swaying. Mcleans arm position at the top is also incorrect as Hogan
    advocated a flat swing with the arms connected to the body. Not the
    disconnected high hands position that jim is showing. he may have studied
    hogans swing but he doesnt understand it.

  11. Domenico D'Alessandro says:


  12. bizallin says:

    please learn the “Waggle” before claiming to show it..terrible..

  13. Rob W says:

    i never saw any value using the waggle or forward press in my golf swing

  14. johnnyboy89able says:

    most people need to seriously get over the minutia and to go out ,practice
    and find their own swing. Hogan was a small man with a small,flat swing so
    if your modeling on that, good luck to you. Oddly enough because their are
    so many moving parts in the swing and so many anatomical differences
    between one human and the next, Mike Dunaway was actually the longest
    hitter of the 70s and 80s and never flew his right elbow up, it was always
    tucked tight. There are probably a hundred different explanations for his
    power but each athlete is uniquely different in body and temperament, you
    cannot narrow it down to one or two things though engineers and people
    living in their heads desperately want that. 

  15. Richard Mcfadden says:

    Don’t watch these videos a very bad translation. There is NO substitute for
    actually reading the book 5 lessons.

    • Eric Halvorsen says:

      +Richard Mcfadden I disagree I think you need to read the five books, but
      these videos help visualize the fundamentals in motion for us that are
      visual learners.

  16. Steve King says:

    Dashful is right about the right leg straightening in the backswing… I
    started doing this and got a fuller turn and started hitting it better in
    my 50s.

  17. nolski2003 says:

    check out Mike Maves, secret in the Dirt, he knows what he speaketh!!!

  18. nolski2003 says:

    and your an idiot if you don’t read and learn 5 lessons.

  19. ธนพันธุ์ สุขสวัสดิ์ says:

    i think result of his swing it’s high fade in every shot.

  20. Thomas Fraser says:

    Get the entire body moving during the swing, To do this simply role your
    entire left foot inward and stop at the top of your swing. On the downward
    swing simply role you right foot inward to finish the swing.This simple
    swing concept will coordinate your body to manufacture the perfect Hogan
    swing. Try it and you will like it,

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