Ben Hogan Basics: The Release

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

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24 Responses to “Ben Hogan Basics: The Release”

  1. Steve Pete says:

    This method is great if you want to fade the ball. Holding off the release.
    The fade iron is a very playable shot, even if you lose some distance,
    especially into the wind. But I think most weekend golfers need to be able
    to draw the ball—they need the extra distance and roll. At least with the
    woods. I’m not sure they possess the strength to be able to hold it off

  2. Paul Faverio says:

    Love your videos…. The more you practice and learn your basics you
    start to learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Everyone has their
    own physical characteristics, professional golfers do this for a living,
    some have physical/mental abilities and learn quick, some have to really
    work on it… Many golfers back then started late in life compared to this
    new generation… Ben Hogan found out what worked for him, maybe trial and
    error, fiddled around with their golf equipment and watch’d other pro
    golfers. Coping someones swing is very hard to duplicate the feeling
    in all areas of the swing… And even if you don’t make that level you
    finally realize that what your doing doesn’t produce 65’s and 66’s for 4
    days day in and day out.
    Keep up the good work though, we need more golfers to start playing
    the game instead of loosing them because of cost, slow play, electronics
    and watching the pro’s take forever in the putting aspect of the game…
    Something has to change.
    My all time golfer besides Ben was Mickey Wright. Analyze her swing
    and every pro golfer has a part of her moves. Just a thought.

  3. Marvin Sangüesa Golf says:

    I wanted to thank for your page. Really admire your dedication and drive to
    reach your goal of swinging like Mr. Hogan. First book I read was his 5
    lessons and I taught myself how to play so I can really appreciate the hard
    work you are putting in. Keep up the great work.

  4. Mike Jenkins says:

    Why would anyone watch this guy, and not Ben Hogan’s video ??…?

    • Mike Jenkins says:

      Touchy !!…and I have watched Ben Hogan’s video in the past, learned from
      it!…and now play off of 8…that ok ????

    • Mike Jenkins says:

      You’ve written 98 Pages of reply???…Good Grief !!!…go hit some
      links!!…lol!…peace bro.

  5. Courtney Fletcher says:

    I have to say, I’ve spent thousands in lessons and I’ve been taught
    different swings every time. It was my search for the Hogan swing that led
    me to your sight and I have enjoyed it tremendously. I’ve watched
    everything I can find on hogan and it’s nice to have it explained. Thanks
    for keeping this free. I practiced the elbow body move and had one of the
    best driving days of my life. I hit 11 fairways with my driver.

  6. gabebabe1 says:

    Thanks! Your vids are a great help – you’ve worked out some things that I
    have always found illogical – really thanks – it’s been a big help

  7. sandwah9 says:

    Generally pretty good but you didn’t answer the question as to why Hogan’s
    clubface stayed squarer for longer through the shot. There is one thing he
    did that few if any talk about that caused both the clubface to slow its
    rotation and to give him that look of a wide arc through the shot.

  8. Jancen says:

    I used to be a dragger but watching Rotary swing videos somehow turned me
    into a flipper which caused inconsistencies in my swing.

  9. Tom Lawson says:


    I am asking about the phrase “turning the hands over”

    I would appreciate your explanation of what does this mean

    in appreciation

    • myswingevolution says:

      +Tom Lawson I used to “hold off” my release, and try to not let my hands
      turn over. Now, I am working on allowing my hands to move naturally with
      the club turning over more like Mr. Hogan described. I recently made a
      video about this called the Hogan Roll.

  10. Sun Lim says:

    Do you recommend the same for drivers and woods?

  11. Kao Adolfo says:

    It seems that I am a flipper in my golf swing, that the reason why I always
    hit the balls like “Hook “, finally I realize my swing problem of long
    term. Thank you again for this video.

  12. Ham “IamHam” Anuphap says:

    you know what? I had a beatiful magic move (since I started golf with
    myself). but when I turn to the local pro, He tough me how to hit properly
    with the flip and roll release. I had a hard time of timing the release.
    Amazingly after I learn a Hogan release, I dont have to think about the
    timing which is give me more consistency.
    The fliper/Roller release will do the hip thurst a lot because they try to
    compess the ball
    (hit longer).

  13. Benito Juarez says:

    Christo, I have not seen all of your videos. Of the ones I have seen there
    is a lot of good stuff there. You may have answered this elsewhere, but are
    you seeking to copy Hogan’s swing exactly or are you trying to use his 5L
    principles and make the best swing for you?

    • myswingevolution says:

      +Benito Juarez My swing will be unique and Mr. Hogan said that he didn’t
      even believe he had the best swing to copy! However, I would like my swing
      to resemble his as much as possible just because I love his swing so much.
      He said at the end of the day the ultimate judge of your swing is the ball
      flight so I keep that in mind.

  14. David Lin says:

    Finally, I fully understand hold the Release as you described. Christo, how
    amazing that you can break the code and get it explained !

    • myswingevolution says:

      +David Lin Thanks, David. It only took 6 years but I believed there had to
      be someway that was easier to understand Mr. Hogan’s lessons! Cheers!

  15. GrayGhosting says:

    I don’t think Hogan maintained the club face square to the target line
    post impact, but rather square to the plane. Club face is very open
    coming into the release, it closes and squares at impact and post impact
    his hands stay in front of his pelvis and his hand rotation is the same as
    at address with the face square to the plane.

    • myswingevolution says:

      +GrayGhosting I agree with you. This was a few years ago and I was still
      working on my vocabulary and understanding. Thank you!

  16. HALF MT says:

    In my humble bogie golfer opinion I see Hogan accelerating his body turn
    well past impact, as if he saves most of his energy effort for his follow
    through? In many handicap golfers I see most of their energy timed and
    applied well before impact? IDK?

    • myswingevolution says:

      That’s one of the great secrets. The average golfer is plagued by premature

  17. Jenk Construction says:

    just slap the golf ball bros😄😄😄

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