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  1. TourSwing says:

    The Hogan pic is a static picture, exactly what you said you shouldn’t draw
    conclusions from 2 minutes later! Just to clarify force and mass… The
    force is in his right foot is due to the torso turn (force=mass x
    (velocity/time); the the faster he turns the torso the more force will end
    up in his right foot (with the rotational and lateral element of the swing
    considered). With no movement and the same top of backswing position it’s
    likely there would be more mass(weight) on the left side.

  2. Mark Evershed says:

    I think the big issue is. When he or anyone swings a club , can we not
    agree that the weight pressure follows the mass in motion (swing). It does
    not make sense to me that we think at 90 mph and in less than 1 second that
    we can or need to think about how much or when to shift our weight. We do
    things as complex on a daily bases that are just as complex and we do them
    without out thinking. Dam, sometimes we want to make it seem like this
    motion is impossible.

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