Ben Hogan – Club Distances

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Ben Hogan – Club Distances

Note: At 10:21 mark, text should read "Sam Snead 405yd Par 4." And yes, I disliked my own video because I made a stinkin typo!!!

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  1. Joe Blow says:

    1 iron? Snead, you’re a boss. I was told even god himself couldn’t hit a 1
    iron, lol. 

  2. Tommy H says:

    Wow Snead was a longer hitter 280 drive, wish we had some footage and info
    of his shots when he wasn’t 56 years lol

    • Hippy(Bboomer) says:

      I Slammin Sam was 35 y.o. today, he’d be ten yards longer than McElroy. 280
      then = 320 now

    • 18tangles says:

      I saw Snead at the 59 World cup on TV hit a driver and a 1 iron to one of
      the par 5s, 601 yards long. The one Iron hardly went higher than 20 ft
      Two of the best shots I have ever seen

  3. s1earle says:

    True, many of the robot golfers of today lack the ‘feel’ of shotmaking, eg.
    having to go down on the shaft of a low iron to get the result of another
    club, say in the wind. Seve did always demonstrate how to “feel” the

  4. Mark Jansen says:

    Really interesting to see various exemples of “older” swings. What I like
    about them, is that they swung so easily. and that
    some players used pretty short backswings. Very inspiring, thanks!

  5. DMR4736 says:

    he was so precise with his iron play; i read somewhere about Hogan that
    once, when he played in the open at merion, he didn’t bring a 7 iron to
    use, in the tournament. when asked why, he said, “there are no 7 iron shots
    on the course”. he had already mapped out every shot in his mind, and
    didn’t carry one that week. the man was simply amazing.

    • Robert Reid says:

      +DMR4736 I remember that story. There was another one of a reporter asking
      him about how he planned to deal with the grooved bunkers at Baltusrol (I
      think), and he replied “I don’t plan on being in any of them.” And he
      played four bunker free rounds. The man deserves his legendary status.

  6. Aaron Kasparov (2976) says:

    60’s ball, 60’s clubs, timeless swing.

  7. cmares5858 says:

    Hogan had to be one of the longer hitters in his day, with those clubs…
    I’d love to see how far he could hit with a new driver/ pro v1

    • nuster rab says:

      +cmares5858 Snead was Boros was no slouch

    • Tom Settles says:

      +cmares5858 Snead was much longer than Hogan, especially with driver and
      fairway woods. Once Hogan moved away from his super strong grip in the
      early 1940s, most pros were longer than him. Hogan was just dead straight
      and a good putter. He hits all 14 fairways and all 18 greens in regulation
      in this match against Snead.

    • nobodyaskedbut says:

      +Tom Settles Hogan was always one of the longest hitters BEFORE his
      injuries. That separates him from people like Trevino who was very accurate
      but not nearly as close to as long as Hogan was in his physical prime
      (1940-49). Unlike Snead and many other long hitters Hogan was strategically
      long when he needed to be. Snead was NEVER MUCH longer than Hogan during
      the 40s. Hogan shot TWO 271s to win the N&S open (Pinehurst 6879yds) and
      Hale America National Open (surrogate US open) in 1942!! It would be 52
      years of technological advancement in the game before anyone else shot that
      low in 2 of the top 4 stoke events (PGA was match play & Brit open which
      before the 1960s Americans rarely played in, was suspended due to WW2 ).

    • 18tangles says:

      at the Open at Carnoustie Peter Thomson said that Hogan was almost hitting
      out of his own divot marks from the round before.

    • Joker The Joke Man says:

      HE was god. He is actually not even dead, because gods cannot die!!!

  8. jimmymac63 says:

    Imagine how far he could hit the ball today?!?!?

    • Robert Reid says:

      +nuster rab That’s right, when you don’t have a rational point to make,
      call someone a racist. Did I use words that were too big for you or

    • Joker The Joke Man says:

      10 yards further, that’s how far………………….

  9. martinkp76 says:

    it’s all in the proper use of the elbows on the back swing and down swing
    tat slings the club effortlessly

  10. James Murray says:

    I dislike this video for one reason, no Arnie.

  11. Tim Flaherty says:

    love this

  12. stephen f says:

    Keep in mind here too, Hogan is in his 50s, playing the old clubs (with old
    lofts) and the old ball, and not going full-crazy-max-out like almost
    everybody does today on almost every swing. Rough actually mattered then.
    So did long-term health.

  13. Todd Victorson says:

    While Hogan was a machine- it would be very difficult to copy that swing.
    it took him years and hitting thousands of balls to get that groove he had.
    I think if he was in his prime and had all the technological advantages
    Tiger had, that he could have beat Tiger in a head on match. Tiger had
    always hit a lot of errant shots, but he is on every par 5 in 2, and his
    short game was incredible. I think Hogan hitting fairway after fairway and
    green after green would have eventually just wore Tiger down. And I don’t
    think that Hogan was intimidated by anyone, and wouldn’t have been
    intimidated by Tiger. Hogan was as mentally tough as anyone.

  14. FullTimeHypocrite says:

    simply the best

  15. movie guy99 says:

    One thing that always stood out to me is how short Hogans backswing looks
    for his irons. With his four iron it looks like he only took his hands up
    to about shoulder height. Modern pros seem to have a much longer backswing.
    Lot of full wedge shots that i’ve seen Hogan hit looked like he barely got
    his hands above waist height.

    • 18tangles says:

      I noticed that as well he hardly made a full swing. Lot of power in the

    • movie guy99 says:

      Must be all about the lag in his swing that he was able to hit it anywhere.
      Probably a big key to his accuracy having such a short swing too.

  16. Rob Parker says:

    In fact, Mr Hogan was the very best!!!

  17. worldyum says:

    Anyone know the name of the song that’s playing when Ben Hogan and Daly are

    • Jukka Smahl says:

      “London” by James Newton Howard, from the soundtrack of movie Blood
      Diamond. Great movie by the way.

    • worldyum says:

      Thank you very much. And it’s been a while but I’ve seen the movie and
      agree, it’s a good one.

  18. Drackkor says:

    Not really club distances the ball today goes so much further. Clubs like
    driver add 15 yards, irons 5 to 10 yards golf balls 30 to 40 yards.

  19. Mark Anthony says:

    Hi, what’s the name on the tune @ 6:20 with the start of Lee Trevino please

  20. punch clark says:

    I took me awhile I have truly discovered Ben Hogans Secret!!!!!!

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