Ben Hogan DTL Training Guide 1

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Ben Hogan DTL Training Guide 1

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  1. ant7797 says:

    Huh? i don’t get it Chris? So thats not Hogan at 3:22? If not, then wow,
    its a good duplication attempt. Who is the person swinging at 3:22 mark? Do
    they have more vids?

  2. BenJogan says:

    At 3:22 that swing is taken from “Follow the Sun”, the biographical movie.
    It may be the real Hogan swinging…

  3. BenJogan says:

    At 2:40 on the right you can see Jerry Lewis! That video is taken from “The

  4. joshuaknowles says:

    Sure doesn’t look like Hogan to me at 03:22. Much less athleticism, less
    natural head motion, and acceleration and lag only occurs at the beginning
    of downswing, don’t continue right through. Also wrist `trips’ much earlier
    than Hogan’s normally does. Still good swing though.

  5. CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

    who is tigersmundo?

  6. simon fedida says:

    c’est tout simplement parfait !!!!!!!

  7. Mike Bourgeois says:

    It looks like he was hitting under some trees.

  8. Rob W says:

    he swings that triangle with his legs not the top part of his body

  9. Krazy Uncle says:

    I can listen to this song and watch that swing all day.

  10. Mark Galloway says:

    I’d love to see all of these clips at normal speed.

  11. Jamie Garnett says:

    Everyone act like Hogan had this hugely influential “secret”. I dono. I
    just don’t really think he ever properly explained the direction he moved
    his weight on the backswing, and then on the downswing. The weight moves
    BACK away from the ball, to his right, then back IN, toward the ball. Most
    amateurs don’t know that. Hogan was the best at this. It will help a lot of
    you, but it won’t make you Hogan. Picture a line from your right foot to
    the ball. Move the weight THERE on your downswing. Voila.

  12. Jamie Garnett says:

    Oh and flaring both feet out at approximately a 45 degree angle (while it
    feels super awkward), helps this feel more balanced. His foot positioning
    was PARAMOUNT, even he says so. Yet, many choose to ignore it because it
    “feels” funky. He said, not verbatim, but to the best of my memory “The
    foot position is the foundation of the swing; both literally and
    figuratively.” Good luck trying to copy him without that element. I feel I
    am close as I can come, and the feet got me there. Hope this helps.

  13. Krazy Uncle says:

    Mr. Hogan swung inside the box better than anyone.

  14. Matt Matsuzawa says:
  15. seemlyme says:

    Cool. Thank you so much

  16. Diamnzpuck says:

    God Bless Mr. Hogan

  17. bizallin says:

    imagine the pressure @2:15 !!!!!

  18. luchpockets says:

    OMG the music, the music it’s killing me arggggggggg

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