Ben Hogan Fort Worth 15 Irons – First Impression

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

This is my first impression of the Hogan Fort Worth 15 Irons.

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  1. Charlotte Bell says:

    Just wanted to let you know my name is Tim and I too have been playing for
    40 years, I just used my daughters account to post a comment.

  2. Kevin Hodge says:

    Nothing compares to. My opinion Hogan forged gs irons I have 2 full sets in
    great condition.


    • x sauceda says:

      +Kevin Hodge I’m curious, I started out with Wilson Staff FG-17’s and never
      wanted to change. I tried friends Hogan blades from the same time period
      and felt like they still didn’t have that “marsh mellow” feel to them like
      mine when you hit it on the sweet spot. They felt more like a cast
      perimeter weighted club than my staff’s. Having said that the Miura forged
      irons are worthy of anyone’s consideration. What’s your experience & take ?

    • Kevin Hodge says:

      I have 2 sweet sets of Ben Hogan forged gs irons 1-sw and my 1 iron I carry
      245 250. But with saying that with a 4 flex. They truly were made with
      passion. Gene Sheely new what he was making during that time inventing the
      forge. No question I love them.

  3. ChossDigital says:

    Is there any way I can get an order in? I play S55s and these look like
    they are absolutely incredible, to quote you. They just look so classic.

  4. Kaleb Turner says:

    Very nice review! Considered doing a whats in the bag or even any other
    golf equipment you used? I could tell there was truth and honesty in the
    review and not just selling out! Very well done!

  5. Richard Lowe says:

    I agree with everything here. I’m starting with one club: a 55 degree TK15
    sand wedge. Played it for the first time yesterday and this is a sweet

  6. nick ehret says:

    BenHoganGolf ordered mine on 3-19 was told 9 days ago order was lost. I’m
    out $908. Was told 5 days 9 days ago.

  7. fullwerkes says:

    Lovely review. Thanks for doing it.

  8. steve Fowler says:

    Speaking of Hogan clubs I remember hearing a story about a PGA Pro who
    asked Ben to look at his swing and maybe give him some advice…(as I
    recall the story, Hogan was retired at the time)…Ben asked him what clubs
    he played? To which the gentleman answered Dunlops…Ben then suggested he
    go ask Mr. Dunlop to look at his swing.

  9. Midnight Blues says:

    Good review! I’m extremely happy that the Ben Hogan Company is back in
    business! I own three sets of Apex irons (along with two sets of Titleists
    – 681s/712s and a set of Mizuno MP-14s) and in my humble opinion, they made
    (and likely again make) the best irons around.

    Thanks for the review, welcome to the Hogan family and I’m glad your happy
    with your purchase!

  10. D Martins says:

    Great review.

  11. Ken Esajian says:

    Thanks for the review, very helpful. I’ve been looking at the new
    Bridgestone Muscle back which are a good looking iron. I currently have an
    old set of Wilson Staff blades from somewhere in the 70s. Thanks again,
    very helpful.

  12. solecollection21 says:

    Nice review. Check my channel out

  13. Ivan Torres says:

    Thanks for the review, it helped on my decision of buying them. I just
    received my clubs and ran to the range!!! They are fantastic, and they are

    P.S. The Yardage Chart that I received has my name, not Bill’s. So probably
    an assembly mistake.

  14. Jacob Streiff says:

    Excellent review…probably have manufacturers sending you clubs now

  15. Bill Hill says:

    I hit these clubs a couple of months ago and new instantly I had to haven
    them, I have never ever hit an iron that feels like these do. Mine came in
    a couple of days ago and I have hit them daily since, by far the best irons
    I have ever owned or hit. Mine are 24-56 degrees. I am holding off on the
    22 degree until I can hit their utility club coming out in Dec. 2015.

    Oh and my range cards say Bill as well, but my name is Bill so feel free to
    shoot me yours if want :-)

  16. Gary Taylor says:

    Interesting and very helpful review. Thank you

  17. Martyballin says:

    It’s nice to hear a real person discuss intelligently how the club works
    for them, as opposed to getting a Golf Digest Hot List marketing
    presentation. Thanks!

  18. Neebee Hayden says:

    Ben hogan people are my people.

  19. Austin Meehan says:

    Great video! I’ve heard so many good things about these irons.

  20. David Shearin says:

    Great and most helpful review! I currently play a set of Titleist 714 AP2s
    and I wonder if these Hogans might be too much for me to handle. I’m around
    a 15-18 handicap and still need a degree of forgiveness. What do you think?

    • djusa11 says:

      +David Shearin here’s what I would say. I have found these irons to be the
      most unforgiving on thin contact, or contact toward the toe. Mishits toward
      the heel still deliver great results. Actually the AP2s are still
      considered a better player’s iron. There is certainly more perimeter
      weighting on those irons than the Fort Worth 15s but it’s not like you are
      playing shovels right now. In addition, with those irons, you’re already
      getting the forged experience so unless you are just looking for a change,
      I’m not sure that I’d jump into this particular model of Hogans. That being
      said, you do have a option this year. Hogan is now offering the PTx irons
      which have increased perimeter weighting, along with more weight in the
      sole. While I have only seen but not hit the clubs, you can clearly see
      that they would be far more forgiving. If I didn’t already own the FW 15s,
      I would likely be going with the PTx irons. Don’t get me wrong though. I
      love my irons. It’s just that sometimes it would be nice to have a little
      extra help when the swing just isn’t there.

    • David Shearin says:

      +djusa11 You just confirmed exactly my thinking. Thanks so much for the
      unbiased opinion. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith, but you
      have given me a bit more to go on and it is greatly appreciated!!!

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