Ben Hogan Front-On Left Training Guide – L. Foot, L. Knee, L. Leg action

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Persimmon swingers compared to modern 460cc.
Learning to do the left side dance……

5 Responses to “Ben Hogan Front-On Left Training Guide – L. Foot, L. Knee, L. Leg action”

  1. Denis Slatomatic says:

    great music

  2. wholebrainplanet says:

    Love the way that they pick the left heel off the ground.

  3. ed chapman says:

    A symphony of perfection – Hogan’s lower body combines the best
    qualities of a dancer and a gymnast. The golf swing for the ages!!!

  4. Mac Attack says:

    The Gene Kelly of the golf world. And he repeated these moves for over 40

  5. g scribling says:

    Great examples of how no one “pushes off the back leg!” Watch closely and
    you’ll see they’re pushing off the front leg! This pushes the lead hip up
    and away from the direction of the swing, clearing the hips so the club can
    release freely. Even those that collapsed the lead leg early did so, so
    they could get the front hip even lower so that when they did push up and
    back with the front leg it would be a bigger movement. Watch it again and
    you’ll see what I’m talking about. They do not “plant the left heel” then
    swing.” No. They’re pushing up and back with the front leg!

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