Ben Hogan Front-On Training Guide 2

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Ben Hogan FO Training Guide 2

9 Responses to “Ben Hogan Front-On Training Guide 2”

  1. finops11 says:

    great footage! two totally different swings of hogan: pre accident which
    had strong grip and was his distance swing and the post accident has weaker
    grip and swung more around his body but consistent.

  2. Ray McNamee says:

    Hogan swore he was a much better player before the accident and other than
    1953 the record proves it. No accident and the guy would have won 90
    tournaments and 15-18 majors.

  3. 737hunter says:

    Thank you for the effort to put this study video as well as your other ones
    for all to enjoy!

  4. Dreama40 says:

    Can just imagine Hogan on the PGA tour today with modern clubs and balls
    with that swing, man would’nt that be something!

  5. Dreama40 says:

    Its amazing that we all revere a swing from a man nearly 60 years ago, a
    time before modern technology and freeze frame cameras and teaching gurus
    and he has this swing, amazing!

  6. Alex McLeod says:

    Definitely Jedi – The Man!…Thanks for the upload – I never get sick of
    watching his swing…

  7. Tony Morales says:

    Great footage, love the songs in it too!

  8. historicus146 says:

    Thats the worst music i’ve ever heard…

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