Ben Hogan Front-On Training Guide 3

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Ben Hogan FO Training Guide 3

14 Responses to “Ben Hogan Front-On Training Guide 3”

  1. Robert McDonough says:

    Thanks for these great videos. The Ocean’s Twelve soundtrack fits well with
    this, strangely.

  2. Rob W says:

    glad you can mute the music , horrible price to pay to have to hear that
    just to watch a great video of hogans swing

  3. 春風つくし says:


  4. Teppo Einari says:

    whats the 2nd song?

  5. George Smith says:

    Second song reminds me of Laugh-In. If you’re too young to know what
    Laugh-In is, google for it. It was a tv program in the 1970’s.

  6. Warwolfii says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the opening sequence takes place on the Ed Sullivan
    Show. What I find interesting is that in that era, the late 50s and early
    60s, golf was still essentially a country club game that wasn’t played by
    many people.

  7. Forrest Sweasy says:

    Perfection with one exception, there was an AMF logo in there. They killed
    Hogan clubs and tried to kill Harley Davidson bikes; buy a brand and wear
    it out. As for the swing – that is perfect. Nobody better before or since.

  8. Mark Gonzalez says:

    The thing is you can see in this compilation that his swing changed either
    from era to era or from club to club. For example, at 3:21 you can see he
    starts with a slight forward press. At 3:27, it does not appear to have any
    forward press at all.

    There were many swings where you see the club clearly going past parallel,
    and others not so much. Yes, that depends on a lot like the club he is

    They are all poetry in motion.

  9. JohnnyNIght says:

    You really need to watch Ben Hogan’s swing in regular time, as the key to
    his swing is his rhythm, it’s what gets you to your left side without
    thinking about it. It just happens naturally. Slow motion does not help you
    to see or understand that.

  10. Frank Mcchrystal says:

    Thanks Ant.

  11. Bob D says:

    Wow, has anybody had a better swing than Ben? I think not!

  12. Dreama40 says:

    I never knew God played golf.

  13. Michael Libert says:

    ben hogan is the night fox

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