Learn Ben Hogans Secret

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  1. Mediocre Golfer says:

    Rick, could you describe how these clubs feel?

  2. Eric Davis says:

    how come you pure these but can’t hit the Nike Vapor Pro irons to save your
    life? Maybe some….mental block? That’s ok I don’t like Nike either.

  3. stephen f says:

    God almighty…what a great-looking, great-sounding set of clubs.

  4. Dale Pollock says:

    Ok, so after I seen this review (I can’t add to what Rick said), I bought
    the 28 – 60 (in 4 degree gaps)
    These are the best irons and wedges I have ever hit. And you know what,
    after two rounds, I ordered the 20 & 24 degree. So my set is 11 irons
    (gapped in 4 degree increments) a 3 wood, driver and putter.

    The best part about going back to an old school set is the enjoyment of
    playing the game the old way. Long irons, boring low flight. Mid irons, I
    can attempt to hit low, high, left and right. PW to Lob are the most solid
    and accurate I have ever felt.

    I feel like I am actually playing the game, I get punished (although not as
    bad as you think) for a incorrect strike on the ball. But a correct strike,
    is pure joy.

    I am never going to be a scr golfer (I am off 4 and 50yo) for me now it is
    about getting the ball around the golf course the best you can, and hitting
    different shots.

    It’s not about getting the most sanitised, longest, miss-hit correcting,
    latest techno clubs.

    This old school set of clubs has made me realise how far off track we have
    gone with the game, the marketing is all about distance, further this,
    further that…blah blah blah.

    Take my word for it, if you want to enjoy golf, get and ‘old school’ set
    (even though mine are new) forget your handicap, and go play. And I will
    tell you for sure, these clubs WILL make you a better ball striker.

    PS: If you want to get your handicap down, go learn how to chip and
    putt..because it isn’t the distance that is letting you down.

  5. Bill Hill says:

    I first hit these irons in June 2015 at a Ben Hogan Scramble in Dublin, Tx.
    I was within 4 ft of the hole for closest to the pin with one of their TK
    15 Wedges (in all my years of playing I have never come close to the pin
    for a chance to win closest to the pin. With this iron I almost made a hole
    in one). I have hit many irons over the years and you really can’t describe
    the feel of hitting these irons, I now have the 24-56 degree irons (just
    came in a few days ago) and my score has already dropped. You are just more
    accurate with these irons, once I get them dialed in I will be shooting in
    the 70’s.

    They are coming out with a Utility Club/Hybrid around Dec. 2015 so I am
    holding off buying a 22 degree until I can hit that new club. I have never
    been brand loyal to anything, always looked for what was the best tool for
    the job regardless of brand, I think that has changed as far as irons go.

  6. Ian Walters says:

    Never seen Rick at a loss of words before haha

  7. Spankda Bag says:

    With all the talk, they didn’t make Rick’s top 10 irons for 2015. Perhaps
    too hard to hit compared to other forged brands.

  8. RacerDude78 says:

    Would you and the irons like to get a room?😂😂

  9. Bobby Peck says:

    Ben hogan vs srixon z945? which is better?

  10. FreeriderMotoTemplar says:

    i still use 20 year hogan edge forged and im a 2, 3 handicapp. best round
    ever 7 under, blue tees. these hogans are the same distance as mine and yes
    they havent changed. the only thing is i hit a 6 iron 175 180 and these
    newer clubs can hit a 9 or an 8 same distance. everyone says how high i hit
    the ball but i smashed a 3 iron over 240 the other day picked it clean. 2
    iron i can hit 260 tops with a tee. pisses guys off with 500 dollar drivers
    when i right next them on fairway. hogan sweetest feel in golf.

  11. FreeriderMotoTemplar says:

    get fitted by pro. lie angle is crucial for hogans. look at hogans website
    and see how many variables go in to club fitting. don,t guess. then once
    you mis hit the mistake is you so learn how to swing. if you are used to
    graphite shafts or offset heads don,t waste your time with these. hogans
    require steel shafts. but when your on its like nothing else. the game
    becomes easy. best ever round 7 under no lie.

    • aspen9120 says:

      +Benjamin Gerrie All true – I would add that if someone hasn’t had forged
      irons before, they need to know to have them refit maybe once a year
      because unlike cast irons, forged will change loft and lie just from taking
      divots over time. Last time I did mine I’d waited too long and they were
      WAY off from spec.

  12. Greg McIntosh says:

    I wouldn’t know what club I was pulling out of the bag

  13. aspen9120 says:

    Hi Rick, great review. I live in Fort Worth – as a kid Hogan irons were
    very common here (the manufacturing plant was about 1/2 mile from my
    house). The face on my 2 iron was literally the size of the golf ball. If
    you missed the sweet spot at all your hands hurt for two holes!

  14. Neebee Hayden says:

    I’ve had hogans since I was 18 and I’m 31 and still have them….. Great
    weight on them and great feel

  15. Josh Martins says:

    Love your reviews and lessons Rick. You don’t inundate the viewer with a
    ton of talk about launch angles, spins, dynamic blah blah.. like that you
    review a lot around “feel”

  16. Daz White says:

    Love the reviews , Rick 🙂 ive had these now since October last year, im a
    5.6 Hcap in Sydney AU, Home Course is NSW, id have too say after having
    Titleist, Mizuno, Cally, even Miura, its safe too say these are sweet and
    even though i still have my Cally blades, i still go back too these, they
    are just soft and easy to Hit ! Anyone playing off less that 10 can hit
    these, they force you too strike it in the centre…….

  17. Brad Morris says:

    Nice to hear that the new Hogans live up to the quality and feel that those
    of us who have played the Hogans of years gone by came to expect whenever
    we picked one up. :)

  18. Gene Gray says:

    For reference, back in the day original iron lofts would be more like
    Manufactures today are making their iron loft stronger, making the long
    iron lofts too close together, and the short iron lofts too strong and
    forcing you to spend more money on 4+ wedges. I wish you could buy every
    manufactures club with traditional lofts

  19. John Ford says:


  20. SerenityNow says:

    I’ve played hogan for the last 5 seasons and I can’t put them down. I don’t
    even have the better model of irons either. I have the cavity back Hogan
    BH-5’s and I absolutely love them. I have a set of brand new Titleist 716
    AP-1’s forged irons in my garage which are worth quite a bit more and are
    far superior to my old BH-5’s supposedly and I still can’t bring myself to
    put my BH’s away. They’re so Damn good.

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