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39 Responses to “BEN HOGAN FT. WORTH 15 IRONS & TK 15 WEDGES”

  1. Rick Shiels Golf says:

    3 chances to enter this incredible competition

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  2. James Harvey says:

    I play 710 mb/cb combo at present, love the Hogan irons but reluctant to
    buy before hitting some & getting properly fitted. May have to wait a while
    before they get to the UK.

  3. bibilolo78 says:

    Best club i have ever seen…but not for left handed…😢

  4. Diego Diaz says:

    I don’t understand the difference.. 58 – 54 – 50 – 46 etc..
    Isn’t it LW – SW – GW – PW in real world ?
    So what exactly are the Hogans giving us extra ??
    Anyone pls ???
    Rick ??? Any chance of an explanation ?

    • James Harvey says:

      You get real lofts, nowadays different club manufacturers have different
      lofts so 7 iron from one company could be 34 & from another 30 deg, big
      difference. You can end up with yardage gaps in your set, so, Hogan will
      fit you with equal gaping & they make irons from 20 to 62 deg.

    • Diego Diaz says:

      Thanks JW. Only problem I’d guess is we have to make up our own set over
      here then order online, so it’s all down to estimating the yardages rather
      than spot on if measured up.
      As we have no Ben Hogan filters in UK.
      Think I’ll still with 15 yr old Hogan set for now.

    • James Harvey says:

      There’s a good online fitting system.

  5. Kevin Haigh says:

    I was scared off blades for years, until I tried them! Much straighter,
    much easier to work left and right, much better! Modern shovels are ugly
    and feel like sex with a condom. I play off 7 btw. Old hogans are the
    greatest irons ever, I am sure these are great too being built in the old
    ft worth factory. Never play cast irons again! Here is to the legacy of ben

    • BassasaurusRex says:

      +Kevin Haigh I used to play with old Hogans. These look amazing. I agree
      with you about cast irons. The sex with a condom analogy is perfect. You
      can have a lot of fun, but never get the full feel. Forged irons all day.

  6. Brendan Kelly says:

    You’ve not mentioned the price Rick. Just did the online fit and out pops
    over $1,700! Gulp!

  7. Goodspeed says:

    I disagree with a 17-handicap not getting the Hogan’s, but with one caveat.
    I say a 17-handicapper should go ahead and get these irons BUT commit to
    keeping them forever. Why? You will NOT go out and find a more quality set
    of irons, you just won’t. Don’t even think you will, because you won’t. Buy
    these irons, and KEEP THEM. Use these irons to WORK ON YOUR GAME to get
    better to use them. GI-irons will only hide mistakes, these irons will help
    you improve. IF you want to improve, but these irons, but only if you 100%
    commit yourself to the process of improvement. There’s no magic club that
    will make you swing better, it’s 100% you. So buy these, keep them, and
    work on your game WITH THEM.

    • Rick Shiels Golf says:

      Uhmm not everyones aspect but I see your point

    • SupDudeJustChilling says:

      +Piney A high handicapper buying these clubs is pointless, trying to hit
      these while being a high handicapper can really punish you and reduce your
      confidence. A handicap speaks about your CONSISTENCY and SWING, if you cant
      be consistent with a cavity back or muscle back, why would you buy blades?
      Working your swing for a particular club is a horrible idea, it will make
      you develop a swing that might be able to hit the clubs, but might not be
      the most effective. Why spend a lot of money on a set of clubs if you can’t
      even shoot well, also blades reduce distance automatically, a high
      handicapper buying these will only frustrate them.

    • Beta Vulgaris (A View From Europe) says:

      I can guarantee i hit irons better than you do and i’m around a 20 hc. I
      play mostly all my second shots out of the trees and can’t putt to save my
      life. I regularly 3 putt from within 10 feet. My wedges in and around the
      green are very inconsistent and if i land in a bunker that’s usually my
      round ruined.

      What does how one strikes an iron have anything to do with the above which
      is currently defining my handicap?

      I’ve been playing since March and i left the driver at home yesterday,
      teeing off with a 24* hybrid and avoided going in a single bunker and
      avoided most of the rough. Shot 8 over.

      Oh, i play Mizuno MP33’s.

      Handicap isn’t defined by your ball striking with irons. Sorry. There are a
      lot of other variables. Like smashing irons all day long but lining up
      incorrectly and landing in greenside rough. Or smashing an iron but it was
      the wrong iron and you fly off the back of the green. Or smashing an iron
      and using too high a loft for the windy conditions and coming up a club
      length short. Or smashing an iron and ending up behind a tree when you
      should have aimed further left to give yourself a clear shot into a green.
      SO many things define handicap that this whole business around defining
      what club you should use by what handicap you have needs to be put to bed
      once and for all.

      What playing blades will do though is force you to find the middle because
      toe-ing it isn’t going to work like it does with a set of Ping shovels.
      When i started though i was parrotting the whole ‘get the most forgiving
      stuff you can’ because it’s what i heard the ‘experts’ saying. Imagine my
      surprise when i tried a blade and found it no harder to hit than a shovel.

      I watched a guy yesterday middle a 7 iron onto a par 3 green, took an awful
      bounce into a high lipped bunker. He had SEVEN attempts at getting out
      before picking up and walking to the next hole. Should he not hit bladed
      irons because his handicap is high??

      Handicap DOES NOT indicate how well you can hit any particular iron. At
      all. We should be telling people ‘these irons are not for players who don’t
      feel they can find the middle consistently’ instead of scaring off high
      handicappers into buying the newest bullshit technology which promises them
      consistency yet magically never seems to lower their handicap. The same way
      using blades probably wouldn’t raise their handicap.


  8. Ivan Torres says:

    I just got my Hogans and I can say that this are the best looking irons I
    ever had! The only thing that I disagree with Rick, is that this are
    exclusive for low handicappers. Even my off center shots perform better
    than my Ping i25!!! So, if you’re starting to hit the ball well, and you’re
    are serious about your game, AND you don’t believe that forgiveness is
    always the best thing (as I do), then, this are the best clubs available
    out there, period!

    • Ivan Torres says:

      After my first round with my new Ben Hogans: I LOVE THEM! You get exactly
      what you put in them!!! Unlike what happened to me with my cavity-back
      clubs when the ball fired off 10 extra yards for no reason!

      The ball strike feels also fantastic, I had to go 2 clubs down since I got
      very penetrating flight. Also the wedges seem to spin better the ball
      (which I love), maybe this is just my impression?

      In general, the clubs are forgiving with my off center shots (maybe due the
      shallow cavity on the back). But this is something that I was looking
      forward, if I hit it wrong I want to know, I want to see the results of

      The only thing that I would say before you buy: know your specs, this is a
      lot of money to spend. I have strong basics in my swing, I don’t perform
      perfectly all the moves but my swing is solid and it wont change much at
      this point.

      I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. Me, a 20 handicapper, who is
      enjoying every strike with the Hogans!

  9. Roni Shin says:

    Can I borrow your 4 iron? I need to cut this block of butter

  10. Brian Cook says:

    I’ve always thought it ironic that cast, perimeter weighted irons are
    called ” game improvement ” clubs. I was a 21 handicapper when I was
    fortunate enough to find a set of used Hogan Apex irons in a local shop. I
    had been told that forged irons were only for low handicappers, but I
    bought them anyway because I wanted to see what the difference was. It has
    been quite an eye opener! I’ve found that forged irons MAKE you swing
    smoother and that they are much more consistent than cast irons and the
    feel is just amazing. I still hit a driver the same distance and my short
    game is still lousy, but my handicap is now 15. I believe that forged irons
    are the real ” game improvement ” clubs! Now if I could just learn to

  11. Cole Lineberry says:

    “&8();)6,:(!,(!;;(3,)(. Eli. Ben. Bough, B. By.

  12. FreeriderMotoTemplar says:

    they will make you a better golfer. if lie angle is wrong on your address
    of the ball you will spray your shots get custom fitted for hogans

  13. Ciara Serumgard says:

    Any chance you’ll review the PXG irons?

  14. Brett Adamkiewicz says:

    Is it just me… or do the Hogan irons have a big similarity to the SCOR
    wedges? V-Sole technology, wedge grips with hand position dots and look at

    • Jared Delagarza says:

      +Brett Adamkiewicz Is it just me or do you and Mark Spackman have nothing
      good to say about Hogan Clubs or the legacy of one of the most legendary
      golfers if not the most of all time. And is it just me or do your two names
      and accounts share striking similarities.. Now i only wonder what lowlife
      company hired you two shitbirds to come waste your life trying to make
      people think negatively of another golf company and trying to be sly about

    • Brett Adamkiewicz says:

      Jared, first of all I wasn’t hired by a company to discuss golf clubs.
      Second of all, I loved the SCOR wedges and I really love the Hogan clubs. I
      am not trying to bash Hogan, who is one of idols and happen to make some
      great clubs, what I made is something called observation. I am sorry if it
      came of negative but it sounds like you in fact have some BS agenda you are
      working. I will close by saying great clubs and sorry for anyone at Hogan
      that I somehow was being negative about Hogan as a person (which this
      conversation had nothing to do with) or the golf brand.

  15. Eric Ramos says:

    contacted Ben Hogan and decided to try their Ft. Worth irons. Now I want
    them. damn.. stop making videos.

  16. Fred C says:

    then you hit that “and your back in love again”. great review… nice
    looking irons. I played Hogans in the 1980s thru 1992. Hogans were the

  17. Randsurfer says:

    Just a small point. You said they don’t have numbers on the head, they just
    come in lofts. Then the video shows the clubs crammed with numbers on the
    head. Ha ha.

  18. Sam Parker says:

    Rick, are they heavier than newer irons?

  19. Eddie Edmonds says:

    Rick you are a Blessing to all that watch your Videos. Keep up all the
    great work!!

  20. Keith Helinsky says:

    Love the simple math to remember loft of irons….3+4=7 iron (34

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