Ben Hogan Ft. Worth 15 review, TeeTime with Ryan

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

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  1. Diego Diaz says:

    Only problem my friend, they don’t sell them here in the UK..

    • Ryan Callan says:

      +Diego Diaz You can. You need to contact the factory in Fort Worth. The
      number is on the Ben Hogan Company site and they will give you what you

    • Diego Diaz says:

      Ryan, I know and have spoken to them, but unless they parachute the product
      directly into my garden bi passing the scavengers known as customs then
      it’s really not worth it. You can purchase a new set with what you’d pay
      for customs.

    • Ryan Callan says:

      Yes tax is a concern but I wanted them bad enough. Cost me €400 in tax.
      Well worth it now after using them. Class blades. Far superior to Titleist

  2. Brutus ofTroy says:

    Cheers for the upload Ryan!

    What is the feel like off of the face?
    Do you get less yardage drop on miss hits compared to your old Titleists?

    I’m still gaming my Mizuno TP19 blades and haven’t hit anything i prefer
    yet but the ft worths are really tempting. About $1700 dollars last time i
    checked to get em to England, is that about the same for Ireland?

    • Ryan Callan says:

      +Brutus ofTroy The Hogan Ft. Worth 15 irons are way more solid than
      Titleist and the Titleist are good. Miss hits are miss hits at the end of
      the day with blades but I would say that because of the much meatier head
      there are just much less miss hits with the BH FW 15’s. I would compare
      these to the best Japanese blades and think it is maybe time you changed
      irons. Could not be much life left in your TP-19’s at this stage. I paid in
      total €1600 in which €400 was tax and if a shop down the road was selling
      them for €1600 I would buy them because I love the brand and Ben Hogan is
      my hero. I have spoken with people in the Ben Hogan Company and they are
      people who have worked for the original Hogan factory. Thanks for the
      question. If you have more questions please fire away.

  3. Randy Goins says:

    Thanks for the upload really, but invest in a microphone, could barely hear

  4. Greg Burgin says:

    Turned up the volume all the way and still could not hear it.

  5. Ryan Callan says:

    maybe you need decent speakers

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