Ben Hogan FT Worth and PTX Irons 2016 PGA Merchandise Show

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

We sit down with Mr. Terry Koehler of Ben Hogan Golf to discuss the new FT. Worth Irons and PTX Irons and Wedges for 2016. There is actually a much longer conversation I am working on to load up that goes with this video. Mr. Koehler was very generous with his time and the new Ben Hogan Golf Company is producing irons right where the old Apex irons left off. There is so much going on at Ben Hogan Golf, a single video just won't do it justice.I am working on getting a couple of sets of clubs to start writing reviews and will post videos when completed.

5 Responses to “Ben Hogan FT Worth and PTX Irons 2016 PGA Merchandise Show”

  1. Ang Unelli says:

    What is the target golfer profile for the PTX? I range between 8-11
    handicap depending on the time of the season.

    • Southern Golf Review says:

      +Ang Unelli My thoughts are the PTX line would be perfect that handicap
      range. I play just a tad higher than that myself. I know the FT. Worth
      irons, while absolutely gorgeous, are too much club for me, the PTX uses a
      co-forging process to progressively distribute discretionary weight around
      the perimeter and behind the club face. I have reached out to Ben Hogan for
      an official answer and expect them to answer pretty quick. They are great
      group who are very in tune with their customers. There is an online tool on
      their website that can help you with the decision making process.

    • Southern Golf Review says:

      +Ang Unelli I just got word back from Ben Hogan Golf and it seems I was
      mistaken. The PTX line is aimed at the 15 handicapper and above. Let me
      know if there are any more questions.Thanks for watching.


      +Southern Golf Review
      Will I be able to buy these individually? I only like to play a half set of

    • Southern Golf Review says:

      +EDTHEWATERGUY I checked with Ben Hogan and they are available in singles.
      Thanks for the comment.clm.

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