Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Rick Shiels, PGA Golf Pro tests the latest BEN HOGAN FT. WORTH hi IRONS using GC2 and the new FSX Software by Foresight


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  1. Kyle Holt says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  2. golfninja says:

    RS have you got the Hogan TK wedges to test or have you already done that?
    Starting to look like a split set long/short irons might be a good idea?
    How do you rate the Callaway, Nike Utility with the Hogan hi iron?

  3. Brad Campbell says:

    rick, I have a very important question for you….. what was the results of
    height on the 4 iron???? beautiful clubs btw

  4. Paul Sherman says:

    Feels like a combo set coming up.

  5. Paul Gerencher says:

    You need a 2 iron in the FTWthHI

  6. MrShanghai34 says:

    The first round of golf I ever played was with a set of Hogan irons. Many
    many moons ago

  7. Diego Diaz says:

    So you’ll be sending them back since you don’t like them ?

  8. Thomas Hickey says:

    I have only been playing for year. Right now I’m using cobra fly-z irons.
    Do you think it is a good club for me?

    • harry bridge says:

      Depends what handicap your off, because if your high handicapped then maybe
      a more forgiving club is the one for you.

  9. hunyacka42 says:

    What accent does Rick have? Where in England is he from?

  10. Chris Banner says:

    If Hogan, in name only, want to be part of your quest don’t knock it. There
    was a time when golfers would have given all their prize money just to be
    part of the Hogan brand. Including major winners like Gary Player, who was
    contracted to Dunlop around those ‘Texas Hawk’ years. Think on my friend.

    • Charles says:

      +Chris Banner True, but there is no point in switching his clubs if he
      doesn’t feel comfortable with it. Plus, he is gaming the Hogan 15s anyway

  11. Robert Cabrera says:

    ty saving for these,do this same format with Rob Potter please.tu

  12. Martin Hollingworth says:

    Rick do you have a tutorial on how to stop pulling the ball, one pull ruins
    the round aaaagh

  13. Johan Melander says:

    I would love to see Rick review Miura and Vega forged Irons!!!

  14. Dan B says:

    WOuld love to see you do a full course vlog using the PTX, You always seem
    to hit cavity backs better on testing, why not drop the blades and give
    them a go?

  15. Jose Cuervo-drinker says:

    Where is the hybrid review?

  16. Lucas Lopez says:

    you should work on hitting a ball straight

  17. PlayBetterGolf says:

    how much do these cost

  18. Bret Douglas says:

    My experiences were similar to Rick’s. I have the Ft. Worth 15 irons down
    to a 31°, which I consider my (weak) 6-iron.
    Recently, I added the 27° in the Ft. Worth hi iron to my set to use as a
    5-iron, replacing an old Taylor-Made Rescue (hybrid) 5-iron which I love.
    The problem was that my 5-iron hybrid would go maybe 20 yards farther than
    my 6-iron so I hoped that replacing it with one of the new Hogan irons
    would narrow that gap.

    However, like the hybrid it replaced, the Ft. Worth 27° hi iron does seem
    to go considerably longer than what I would expect from the 4° difference
    between it and the 31°. So the gap between my 5-iron and my 6-iron is still
    there. If I’m playing a course with small greens I sometimes have to decide
    whether I want to be short of the green or perhaps over the green. I will
    have to experiment with taking a little distance off of the 5-iron, perhaps
    by gripping down a bit.

  19. mrjoszua says:

    Rick, would love to see the VKTR hybrid review.

  20. Marion Lovett says:

    A beautiful iron. Wish they would used a regular graphite,and a senior
    shaft. Been a blade man now 71 losing distances
    in the iron. I like these because of the weight lower in the club to get it
    up fast with more carry. Thanks for posting.

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