Ben Hogan Golf Swing Analysis

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A brief look into my own swing. Not the perfect camera angle and bad camera focus, but if there is interest then I will create a more in depth analysis.

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8 Responses to “Ben Hogan Golf Swing Analysis”

  1. TheSeer101 says:

    Beautiful swing in many ways. Very Hogan like in the lowering and hip
    staying back. Impressive to say the least. Where i think it starts to look
    less like Hogan is the slow hip and right knee action. Hogan at impact was
    very open with his hips. Your right knee tends to leak greatly outside the
    box. When you first start down try to get the left knee in line with the
    right as soon as possible. While keeping the right knee inside the box. I
    would be very interested in seeing what happens if you mirror Hogan’s move
    with the right knee action. Try to keep it more inside the box and I
    believe your blocks will end. I am actually stunned with how much you can
    keep your hip on the other side of the tush line and you are still
    blocking. That right knee shooting out at the ball is the likely the cause
    not the fast hips. Your Lilac Crest seems to be popping out with your knee.
    Watch Hogan and the lilac Crest actually moves back during the sit down
    action. The Lilac Crest is blocking your right elbow, that would be my
    humble analysis. To be honest your lower body for the most part is the best
    Hogan action i have seen. That sit down is pure gold, but mirror his knee
    action and turn the hell out of those hips.

    • Ben Hogan Golf Lessons says:

      +TheSeer101 you’re very observant and know your stuff. When I take too much
      time away from practice/playing, my bad tendencies creep back in. You are
      correct with your comments and I have a host of drills I train with to
      create space for my right arm to get back in front on my body during the
      downswing. Among other little nuances… when I loose stability in my right
      leg during the backswing, it leads to early and excessive flexion which is
      why you see the knee move outside the box early.
      So when my knees move toward the ball and I retain the ‘tush’ line the
      result is being ‘stuck’ with my right arm. My lowering needs to come more
      from my upperbody/spine increasing in depth and not from just increasing my
      knee flex during the downswing. Watch the bill of my hat continue to move
      down into impact and it should make better visual sense. Fascinating stuff
      isn’t it!?
      BTW – I too enjoy Wayne’s expert youtube videos and even most of rotary
      swing’s videos. Thanks for the comment

  2. Andrew Wilson says:

    What do you think about when slowing down your hips? Pulling down with the
    arms, rotating the shoulders?

    • Ben Hogan Golf Lessons says:

      +Andrew Wilson I dont activity try to slow my hips down and I’m dont want
      to promote doing that. Rather your hips are slowing down pre-impact
      relative to your arms hands and club head.
      Personally if my arms dominate the back swing and my shoulder lack a full
      turn then thats when my hips get outta wack. So the age old “full shoulder
      turn” is my solution to a complex downswing sequence

    • Andrew Wilson says:

      +Ben Hogan Golf Lessons My swing is similar in many ways and I have tried
      so many things and watched so many videos trying to figure it out. I knew
      something was out of sequence and this makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the
      reply. Is there any way to upload a swing to you?

    • Ben Hogan Golf Lessons says:

      +Andrew Wilson you can post it to your youtube or on my website via my
      uploader on the “online lessons” page.

    • Andrew Wilson says:

      +Ben Hogan Golf Lessons I posted a few swings on my page if you have a
      moment to check them out. I’m not hitting a ball but maybe you could tell
      me whether or not what you are doing may help me. Thanks

    • Ben Hogan Golf Lessons says:

      +Andrew Wilson
      just gave you some complimentary swing advise on your channel – next video
      you should hit an actual ball and then run like hell.

      “Check your transition from the BS to the DS.
      Notice how your upper and lower spine sort of float together towards the
      target. If you do that and dont increase your spine tilt away from the
      target, then you are forced to rotate your chest early, release the club
      early, hands will approach impact too high, and your hips will always want
      to move in towards the ball (trapping your right elbow behind your right
      hip….a.k.a. SCREWED).
      Gotta look close because your swing looks better than 95% of golfers out
      there. But you’ll notice major improvement in ball striking with just a
      minor improvement in movement. “

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