Ben Hogan Golf Swing Analysis

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Here is my own description of Ben Hogan's golf swing. Hogan had many secrets to his swing and not just one. Many have tried to copy his swing but no-one has come that close to putting the entire sequence together as he did because they try and pinpoint his swing to one sole basis…it's an entire package of events that bring about the end result.

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9 Responses to “Ben Hogan Golf Swing Analysis”

  1. billy38010 says:

    Jeez, I can’t believe there are no comments on your great video, thank you
    for showing a great swinger. Q: Isn’t it true that the great swings all
    have a reverse loop of the club head, which is caused by lag at the finish
    of the backswing. The secret, is to find any way to create clubhead, lag.

  2. TN MS4 says:

    Good analysis of Hogan’s great swing. Thanks. I liked how you focused on
    the chief characteristics of his swing, and that you pointed out two or
    three important details like the flat lie of his clubs, and the change from
    the earlier rollover of his hands to later more solid hands. I can’t help
    but see some of Hogan in McIlroy, if I’m not mistaken: the aggressive torso
    turn through the swing and hitting with that bent right arm. You’ve got
    some great photos here showing what you’re saying.

  3. DASH1ful says:

    It is notable how Hogan’s right knee lags behind the direction of his hips
    in the start of the down-swing; but points in the same direction as his
    hips at impact. This action was created by the way Hogan applied pressure
    on the ground with his right foot. You can see a similar characteristic in
    Lee Westwood’s swing.

  4. Dom Esposito says:

    Wonderful job in putting this video together. …”Thank You”

  5. Ernesto Espinosa says:

    you can realy see how he turns the body to hit the ball. Thanks for the

  6. Pierre Brisebois says:

    Thank you! Excellent observations! We can see you’ve been around. With all
    the so call instructors on youtube, it is refreshing to distinguish those
    who went on spending their lifetime studying the best, from the rest.

  7. MrGreencheetah says:

    Wonderful job!

  8. Ron Judd says:

    Really liked the comparison with his old swing.

  9. ray mitchell says:

    Well done – Hogan is the greatest golfer who ever lived – If he did not
    have the accident that almost killed him his victories would have been 10
    fold+ greater – After the accident he only played in 5 or 6 tournaments a
    year & won most of them.

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