Ben Hogan Golf Swing Secret: Gain Distance

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

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Ben Hogan Golf Swing Secret: Gain Distance (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor)

Is your swing shape holding you back from getting the consistent distance that you want?

Despite the million swing variations among the pros, they all share a similar swing shape. This is the same swing shape of players like Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, Rory Mcilroy, and Jack Nicklaus. What is this shape?:


It's this swing shape that allows the pros to hit more consistent shots with more club head speed.

In this video, I'll demonstrate how the pros shape their swings, and I'll show you:

1. The 3 critical steps of swing shaping that you need to focus on,
2. Where you're losing club head speed, and
3. What drills you can perform now that'll help you smash the ball!

Check out this video now because you'll learn how to create Tour-caliber club head speed.

22 Responses to “Ben Hogan Golf Swing Secret: Gain Distance”

  1. Dave Tutelman says:

    I don’t know. As far as I know, it was the first. But I may have been
    intrigued in the past and signed up for a different video. I don’t feel
    tied to one instructor, and DEFINITELY NOT to one school of instruction. I
    usually follow ideas and techniques, not individuals or teaching combines.
    So it’s entirely possible I signed up before.

  2. Golf Instruction says:

    Ok, that was most likely the issue. You receive the 25+ free videos to
    watch whenever you like. You also get to watch all of the premium videos
    for free the day they are released and the PGA Tour swing review for free
    each week when you are a free member. The 1 premium video that you click
    over to watch is only available on your first visit. You will receive and
    email with each new that you will be able to watch. Hopefully, we will talk
    again soon. Good luck with your game! ~Clay Ballard

  3. Golf Instruction says:

    Oh, yeah. He has tons! That is really too much for normal golf. It can get
    inconsistent if you get that much. Great for distance though! Good luck
    with your game Shakoski7! Hopefully I will talk to you again soon on the
    website. ~Clay Ballard

  4. Shammah Chikosi says:

    Hey Clay, I was once a member of rst years ago when its moto was, swing
    like tiger woods, anyway it was a bit too much info for me then, anyway I
    went away, started researching on my own, now I have extensive knowledge on
    the swing, and I agree with RSt 99%, I just have one question, why do you
    guys have the left arm steeper than the the shoulder plane at the top of
    the swing, tiger now how has his smack with his shoulders, if you can tell
    me how that is more efficient ill be back on the site

  5. Shammah Chikosi says:

    Straight to premium membership 🙂

  6. Shammah Chikosi says:

    Oh and ben hogan too has his left arm smack on his shoulder plane

  7. Shammah Chikosi says:

    More on that left arm, moe norman, arnold palmer also had that left arm on
    tht shouder turn plane, those are big names too

  8. Golf Instruction says:

    At the bottom of the swing the hands need to work back in front of the
    torso, or the arms will be stuck behind your body. The farther you get your
    hands behind the torso, the more ground they will have to make up on the
    downswing. By matching the arms to the shoulder plane, the hands get behind
    the torso at the top and you will have to work to get the arms back in
    front at impact or you will be stuck. You will also lose some leverage due
    to the loss of hand height. ~Clay Ballard

  9. Golf Instruction says:

    Thanks gee gee k! Glad to hear it! Keep up the good work! ~Clay Ballard

  10. KYIRISH1 says:

    This is so good, Clay. I’m a 47 year member of the PGA and was known as a
    very thorough but simple teacher during my prime teaching days. “Thorough
    but simple”, we do not have to impress the student by our sophisticated
    knowledge of the mechanics of the golf swing. I was also a very good
    amateur and professional in my younger days. I still practice a lot but
    nowdays it is very sad and frustrating not to be able to swing the club
    like days gone by. The 75 yr old circuits won’t fire anymore!

  11. Golf Instruction says:

    Thanks! I really like that “thorough, but simple”. That’s good stuff.
    Thanks for the tip! I hope you still get some enjoyment out of the game,
    even if the distance may not be there anymore. ~Clay Ballard

  12. Steve King says:

    Why not go narrow, narrow… why not preset narrow so narrow is easier
    coming back??? What does the wide accomplish going back if it’s not coming
    back wide? I’m talking logic here. Could I not just preset the wrists, go
    back narrow and come back narrow with lots of lag anyway???

    • Steve King says:

      Suppose I don’t cast on the downswing… ie…don’t say what people tend to
      do… if I can go narrow narrow without casting and doing everything else
      right… couldn’t this be done? I believe I’ve seen some female golfers
      preset the wrists and they’re pros… and they do it ok.. your thoughts….

    • Sir Shanks a Lot says:

      Early wrist set is fine as long as the butt of the shaft is “wide” on the
      backswing. Or another way to visualize “wide” during the takeaway is to
      forget about the clubhead and feel that your hands stay as far from your
      sternum as you can.

    • Chase Reyes says:

      +Steve King Do you even play golf? Lag is not something that needs to be
      created or sought after, lag is simply a byproduct of correct moves and
      sequencing it can’t just be magically created without other crucial moves.

  13. Steve King says:

    What you have failed to mention it that if you watch his downswing half way
    down, the club shaft actually is bent because of the speed… this shaft
    then has to straighten and adds to the speed of the swing!!! Why does
    nobody mention this???

    • Chase Reyes says:

      +Steve King because you are wrong is probably no one mentions it haha. The
      flex is meant to be properly matched to the speed of swinger the flex does
      not add speed. Different shaft kickpoints can manipulate the trajectory of
      the ball, but a shaft flex will never had speed. A lighter shaft is easier
      to swing faster than heavier shaft, yet harder to time and control. I’m
      sorry but you are mistake in your information.

  14. mastercleaner57 says:

    Observational Nievity @ best

  15. Sir Shanks a Lot says:

    I missed the part of the video where Mr. Hogan’s “secret” was revealed.
    Wait…. So after all these years of mystery, the answer to the secret was
    that he moved wide to narrow? Haha, at least you’re not making stuff up
    about his swing to sell your product. Like claiming that he kept his right
    elbow “high and back”
    I enjoy your thoughts on the swing AND the unfocused background BUT ….You
    and the team are some of the best instructors in the world – so no need to
    sell with misleading titles. 

  16. Montage Mayhem says:

    Well Said. A very good lesson to high handicappers. After this video, my
    game started to improve. Thank You.

  17. Sir Shanks a Lot says:

    Serious question here: How would you determine if Tiger was or was not
    “flatting the plane on the downswing”. Are you referring to the 3D shaft
    plane? Are you using the movement of the arms or club head as reference
    If I were to use Mr. Hogans DTL swing as a visual, I’d see that he
    ‘laid-off” the shaft at the top of the backswing and then flattened it
    further in transition. Using this visual, would you say that the majority
    of professional ball strikers flatten at least a little during the
    downswing. Can’t think of one that steepens the plane in transition . Your
    thoughts could be an bonus to all your viewers! 

  18. Kurt Justin says:

    Elbow must come in…losing lag because the elbow is not touching close
    in..its like an anchor a point that continues on down to the wrist like one
    would snap a bullwhip..

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