Ben Hogan Golf Swing secret plane tips analysis lessons grip slow motion

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

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  1. derekgbraun says:

    such a sick swing

  2. George Reeder says:

    I use the Hogan swing method and the invisible secret is to take the club
    down with your right elbow close to your body as you keep your right hand
    palm up at impact with a lot of pressure on your index finger. This is
    magic to keep you from hooking. The index finger pressure allows you to get
    the right hand to turn over after contact producing the high follow
    through. Most videos are blurry at contact so it is hard to detect which
    makes it a secret. Hogan knew everyone loves a secret.


    Keeping your elbow close to your body is important. But what most people
    fail to see in this video is the following; 1. Hogan sets at least 60% of
    his weight on his left foot and keeps it there. 2. He swings his his left
    arm across his chest on the shoulder plane. 3. On the downswing, he gets
    into the sitting position(lowers). 4. His head stays slightly behind the
    ball and thus the dominant right eye also and should not pass the ball
    until impact is made. In a nutshell this is why he was great!

  4. bizallin says:

    Incredible shoulder turn…try to do it…Ben was the man!

  5. Diego Diaz says:

    41Zengolf.. You’re right. Have tried to copy that position in the backswing
    and does feel similar to what you are saying. Has anyone tried his wrists
    transition from slightly cupped left wrist to uncapped and all the the way
    to impact ? Just wanted to know results on ball strike. Thx

  6. TheNYgolfer says:

    first with the left side during the initial part of the downswing then when
    his hands got to about thigh high he pushed hard and SMOOTHLY (no spastic
    jerky motion) with the right arm all the way to the finish trying to feel
    as thow he was wrapping the club around his neck. This is why Hogan
    famously said he wished he had “3 right hands”. A good feel for how and
    when to apply the right arm is to practice skipping rocks on water.BTW drop
    the stack and tilt ideas if you want a powerfull Hogan swing

  7. TheNYgolfer says:

    If you are a “swinger” (puller of the shaft) and you “cup” your left wrist
    at the top, you must “uncup” into impact otherwise you will slice big time
    or even shank.If you master this move you will have no problem lagging the
    club and hitting solid shots.However you will lose distance (20%). If u
    combine swinging and hitting(pushing the shaft with the right arm AFTER
    weight shift on downswing) the club will square automatically and you get
    that extra 20% distance), I think Hogan pulled

  8. TrusteeGG says:

    It’s actually a little closer to the right sided swing that Gary Edwin
    teaches. Hogan maintains his shape on the takeaway a lot better when
    compared to some of the stack and tilters.

  9. Bryan Gould says:

    People are so ridiculous. Hogan had a swing…his swing. You have a
    swing…your swing. Practice it, groove it, master your game from 125yds
    and in. You’ll be a much better player. This stuff isn’t magic folks. I

  10. James Sexton says:

    I agree Bryan, as long as a few of the fundamentals are observed, ie
    clubface square at impact, etc. There are so many variations on a theme,
    even in pro golf, Furyk, Darcy, Peete, Trevino. But they all made it work
    for them… Wish I could, 🙂

  11. Ivan Podimov says:

    Good day! I’m Andrew.I did -40 lbs last two weeks.Open

  12. Rob W says:

    he starts that triangle down with the hips turning and legs driving toward
    the target

  13. Brendan O'connel says:

    Hogan explained accurately how kinetic linking works. His swing has been
    the foundation of many many Top Pros since he revealed his Fundamentals
    back in 56/57. He was way ahead of his time and knew more about how force
    works in the body than all the so called top teachers in the world
    today.Too many teaching Pros surmize or read someone elses info or grab
    someone elses soundbite. Ain’t know teaching Pros digging it out of the
    dirt these days. Mr Hogan did produce MAGIC !

  14. Krazy Uncle says:

    No it’s not “magic” but it’s not that easy either. Are you on Tour? I
    didn’t think so, lol.

  15. Bryan Gould says:

    Well “slick Rick” I played at a very high level for a very long time. I
    played the mini tours in Florida for many years in the 90’s and played with
    a few guys that were on tour for quite a while. Guys like woody Austin,
    Steve Lowry, Pete Jordan, skip Kendall and Damon green (Zach Johnson’s
    caddie) to name a few. Do I need to justify my skill level to you? No. But
    since you think your a comedian I thought I’d just let you know. Also, I’m
    self taught. How’s that you chop??

  16. Bryan Gould says:

    Oh, and I started playing at 20. I hit my first tee shot in the Florida
    open qualifier at 23…it wasn’t magic.

  17. Dom Esposito says:

    Thank You “so much” for this footage. I saw it years ago when it was
    available as a VHS and it still holds up as the best of Mr. Hogan to date.
    I still refer to these images on a routine basis to validate the true
    “science of the swing” Mr. Hogan discovered on his way to “getting it
    right”. While it remains true that everyone has “their own swing” who would
    not wish to emulate the Hogan Method as detailed in his “Five Lessons”.
    This footage brings it to life and it’s a true “WoW”. …DrDom

  18. sandman4224 says:

    Try to figure why the narrator erred at :46. Much of Hogan’s secret lies
    in the true alignment.

  19. Steven Murentese says:

    Great share on this thanks

  20. Krazy Uncle says:

    “The shoulders follow a tilt” Perfectly said.

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    • Robt Marty says:

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