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Golf is a excellent activity, but very annoying at instances when you just do not really apparently get a one shot correct: slices, hooks, fats abound; drives are too short, too long, too high, too low, too right or too left; those delightful canon ball like shots are a remote dream, and you are not aware of when things have gone drastically wrong. Do not stress. Enhancing your match is not the most challenging thing to achieve on the World, even though at times it may really feel so. Here are some tips on exactly how you can go about improving your golfing technique

Swing mechanics is the most significant aspect when it comes to driving the ball. Swinging takes a specific amount of mobility, stability, energy and stamina. All this clubbed together is known as golf conditioning.

Using the right club in the right way, for the objective for which it was created, also plays a big role in improving your game. For instance, of the three basic clubs, the driver shaped club drives the ball on a low trajectory and is as a result used for long distance shots. The iron club (lofter), that lifts the ball, is used to place the ball into placement in certain spots on the fairway or on the green. The putter is built to roll the ball; this club is therefore used to accomplish the ultimate purpose of the game to roll the ball into the hole.

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12 Responses to “Ben Hogan Golf Swing – The Quickest Way To Learn Golf”

  1. Bounds Green says:


  2. Wildmanfx Esteecee says:


  3. RBA21TX says:

    With a name like shoot72everday, you must not be very good. Also, you are
    showing your ignorance to golf swing mechanics when saying Robert swings
    nothing like Hogan or Snead. He has a little bit of Hogan but more Snead
    for sure. I have no idea who this instructor is but he has a pretty
    accurate assessment of what Robert is doing. I think you’re the one that
    needs to learn the golf swing.

  4. RBA21TX says:

    To all of you who this this video sucks, this instructor is pointing out
    some key dynamics that coincide with the teachings of Mac O’Grady and Grant
    Waite (who just happen to be the best two instructors in the world).

  5. jjfindme findme says:

    I agree with @RBA21TX. You all don’t have a clue about the golf swing. This
    guy has a mechanically sound swing and gets into some wonderful positions
    that’s repeatable (consistent) and powerful (distance).

  6. BMW_M3_oldschool says:

    good vid a little slow through explanation…mechanically sound,
    yes…rounded back and right heel not coming up at impact NOT like the
    great Ben Hogan = inverted K tons of lower body hip turn.

  7. fnecj3 says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

  8. Ira Shoff says:

    Because this boy broke Hogans first rule of stance, he over turned his hips
    on the back swing. Consequentley, on the downswing, he is unable to lead
    with his hips strongly as Hogan recommends. His hands catch up and will
    lead to problems until he corrects his stance. 

  9. Jeffrey Chin says:

    I must be missing something

  10. Rob W says:

    hes to upright needs alittle more knee flex

  11. TheSeer101 says:

    If you are comparing this to Hogan then it must reflex some of Hogan’s
    actions. The head should not be compared to Hogan’s in this video. On the
    back swing Hogans head always lowers quite a bit. We can see here that this
    golfer doesn’t do that yet the instructor claims Hogan’s head doesn’t
    lower. The head of this golfer also moves forward halfway back, this is
    counter to what Hogan did. From 8 irons and up Hogan had little head move
    due to the width of his stance. With SW and up he had a very slight reverse
    pivot. As the clubs got longer his head moves significantly more to the
    right, with the diver it was a roughly a 6 inch move. Also the head of this
    golfer pulls tremendously back at impact which is the opposite of Hogan. He
    even losses the tush line at impact. So please take care if someone claims
    they know Hogan’s swing.I would advice everyone to check out all of Wayne
    Defrancesco’s golf channel. He does a great job of showing the reality of
    Hogan’s and other great golfers swings.

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