Ben Hogan Hand Path Trace

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

A view of Ben Hogan's 1953 swing tracing the hand path and club shaft.

4 Responses to “Ben Hogan Hand Path Trace”

  1. Steve Phillips says:

    so how do you shallow the shaft ? I understand what you’re saying and that
    everybody does it but how do you do it thanks for your help and all the
    great lessons

    • x sauceda says:

      +Steve Phillips i feel it by, as i initiate my downswing with my right leg
      moving toward the target a split second prior to reaching the top of my
      backswing, i pull my right elbow down and in toward my belly button while
      the weight of the clubhead drops down behind me. seems totally off but it
      allows you to come at the ball with much more consistency esp with long
      irons. this change in direction movement is very similar to swinging a
      baseball bat where the right elbow is noticeably lower on the downsing path
      than it was on the backswing. hope this helps

    • Jordan Talah says:

      +Steve Phillips
      it’s a combination of the forearms rotating in a ‘reverse’ manner (ie: back
      of the left hand and palm of the right hand toward the sky) , as well as
      the right elbow leading the rest of the right arm. exactly like what
      happens during a baseball swing.

  2. rteach1 says:

    I also would like to know *how* he flattens the shaft. Also, would his
    method of shallowing be the best one to use for average golfers, or is
    there an easier way for us less gifted golfers? Thank you.

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