Ben Hogan Impact 2

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Getting real close to Hogan's impact position!

11 Responses to “Ben Hogan Impact 2”

  1. Ed Floody says:

    Looks very good lets see more! Have you needed to bend your irons flat? Are
    your ball flights lower? Are you longer? If I go flatter I can’t get my 4
    iron in the air at all.

    • abman says:

      +Ed Floody Thanks, no my irons are standard lie. Ball flights we’re lower
      though but I only did a couple of swings like this just for fun. I really
      just want to see if the swing changes I’m making give me more insight into
      how the legends did it.

  2. dan man says:

    golf is hard

  3. Derek Lear says:

    so what changes did you make to get into this impact position?

    • abman says:

      +Derek Lear I’m going to make a video about this. It involved using my
      right leg to shift my weight and turn my hips, then really delaying my
      shoulder turn, but without getting stuck.

      And once again it’s a completely different feeling through the downswing
      and especially at impact than what I had previously been doing. I would
      have never swung this way instinctively, the proof is that it’s taken me
      this long to finally figure it out.

  4. mrpotpie12 says:

    abman, I’m anxiously awaiting the followup video to this one where you
    explain how you are reaching this position.

  5. John Adams says:

    Great stuff Lee! Keep in mind that you are a lot taller than Hogan was so
    the little things are probably not a big deal.

  6. TIME CRAWLER says:

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