Ben Hogan Impact

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

This is my best imitation of Ben Hogan's swing. It's a fun thing I do from time to time. Since I'm building my swing from the inside out I don't care about copying his setup and finish as much as I try to look like Hogan through the impact zone which I think is the really hard thing to do.

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  1. Stellar says:

    I recommend in the backswing less right hip flexion that will get you
    taller in backswing and not fire in internal rotation too early in
    downswing with right leg. Also in transition try to feel like you are
    adding depth with your tush line. Looks like you get down through
    transition then stall and goat hump through impact.(MAybe due to slide or
    weight on toes can’t tell without face on view) Adding depth and getting
    right leg in external rotation in transition through to impact will get you
    cleared better with the hips and will lessen the jump and allow more space
    to swing left (since your path looks like it is a bit much in to out).
    Just a few thoughts, hope this helps and good luck.

    • abman says:

      +Stellar Thanks for the comment. I completely forgot about getting deep
      with the tush. These were my first swings of the session so I was just
      swinging without thinking. One question I have is why external rotation of
      the right leg helps clear the hips? Bubba doesn’t do this and his hips
      clear fine.

    • Stellar says:

      +abman Sorry about the confusion of the right leg er. I forgot to explain
      is that this movement is needed with left pelvic tilt in transition until
      impact to clear quicker without losing depth. Bubba does do this move, but
      it may be due to his amount of leg action that this move is not as
      exaggerated as players like JB, Snead, or Rory.

  2. Stellar says:

    Better internal to external rotational moves with right arm in downswing
    could help with rlb and swinging more square to path, although I am not
    sure since you mentioned some flexibility issues.

  3. Swing Searcher says:

    Nice analysis of Hogan and your swing. You have improved a lot and your RSB
    & REB is spot on for a rotational Golf swing. I would like to drag your
    attention to the relationship between being open at impact and club coming
    from behind/inside. The more your club comes from inside/behind you the
    more you are able to turn into the shot without coming from outside. Hogan
    is more turned at impact, because his club is coming more from the inside/a
    flatter angle.

    Your driver swing is not deep enough and appears therefore much too steep.
    Try to swing flatter or you have to drop the club into the slot more, which
    isn’t simpler. Hogan and many others came over their backswing plane in the
    downswing. Hope that helps for further improvement and keep on searching!

    • abman says:

      +Swing Searcher Hey thanks for the comment. I get all the points that
      you’re saying. My natural swing is very vertical and when I flatten out my
      swing I feel like I’m swinging around my waist. It’s weird. I think because
      of my lack of shoulder flexibility it’s easier to keep my hands higher at
      the top.

      I’ve been working on getting deeper so we’ll see if this helps.

  4. Swing Searcher says:

    Here you can observe the hand path of Hogan.

  5. Cookie Golf says:

    Good idea to put your swing alongside Hogan for comparison.
    My favourite Hogan video is where
    he clearly demonstrates flattening the club plane on the downswing. When I
    try this and do it correctly it makes for really solid ball striking.
    However I am not really sure what I am doing to get from the flat downswing
    plane to impact so results are not consistent.
    I can only think that uncocking the wrists is the key to getting from flat
    plane to impact correctly.
    Do you have any theories on this?

  6. John Adams says:

    Lee,it is looking really good.Keep at it! You and I have talked before
    about how impact tells a lot about a swing.

    I just posted a video on my channel comparing 2 different release styles.In
    it you can clearly see the differences.

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