Ben Hogan Interview

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Full interview from A hardcase from Texas.

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  1. certifiedbodyman says:

    I’ve read in a few articles something to the effect of “Hogan never watched
    anyone hit balls but when Hogan hit balls, everyone stopped and watched
    him”…ow THAT is the utmost in respect by your peers…

  2. David W says:

    There is pure competitive drive out of relative privilege, too. Jack had
    it. Jack was never poor, and I never saw someone accuse jack of
    overpracticing, but he showed up for competition just like arnie. Lee was
    tough like Hogan, tough background, self made. It takes all kinds. Kids
    today in golf come from more grooming, but a lot of them have the right
    attitude to win early on, and don’t have the jitters I remember guys having
    just 25 years ago.

  3. deanw0rmer says:

    You have to remember that back in Hogan’s time it really wasn’t worth going
    to play in Britain and the PGA was match play. You had to play at least
    double the rounds of golf that it took to play it at medal play. So Hogan
    really only played 2 majors on a consistent basis after the accident. Plus
    Hogan missed nearly 4 years of majors during WWII when he was coming into
    his prime. He won 9 majors in 7 years time.

  4. yetanother12 says:

    Does anyone know a source of the complete interview, including Venturi’s

  5. Pop says:

    If you listen carefully, he reveals his “secret” at 4:20. “This thing
    worked like a charm “FOR ME”. Each one of us have a ‘secret’ we just have
    to go find it.

  6. jp5150vh says:

    Weerdo, go make your dumbass comments somewhere else !!!!!!

  7. MWolverine1969 says:

    I wish someone would post the unedited interview, with Ken Venturi asking
    each question and Ben Hogan answering each-beginning to end!

  8. peartfaldo says:

    Ben is a class act;-)

  9. swisheryan says:

    Where can we see the entire unedited interview?

  10. nobodyaskedbut says:

    The more I learn about him and all the eras of the game, he separates
    himself further and further from EVERYONE ELSE. Between 1941 and 1956 he
    finished in the top ten AND UNDER 290 in 12 straight US Open attempts (on
    12 different courses). This despite the streak being interrupted twice (by
    WW2 military service and of course, the 1949 accident). The next longest
    streak by anyone else, 4. A lot easier to break 290 during last 40 years
    than it was during the first half of the last century. To put this amazing
    feat into perspective consider the following: In the 1970 Open Nicklaus,
    Palmer and Player all failed to break 300! AND Woods has failed to break
    290 in FOUR Opens during his contemporary pro career. Oh and BTW, players
    were not allowed to clean the ball on the green until 1960. 

    • Joe Schmoe says:

      +nobodyaskedbut Great point! And Hogan was not a very good putter. It
      really, really speaks to his ball-striking ability. It really was
      unparalleled. His swing is the model for all golfers.

    • jeffy10028 says:

      +Joe Schmoe The putting part is a myth. He was an excellent putter until a
      few years after the accident. Then he stopped winning.

    • nobodyaskedbut says:

      Hogan like Snead and many other big winners was a great “streaky putter’
      during his prime (’41-’49) which because of his incomparable & consistent
      tee to green game allowed him to win so often. He only had to putt really
      well in 1 or 2 rnds per event to win because his other rnds were still good
      enough. He did become a more solid putter after the accident (’51- ’53)
      partly due to advice from Jack Burke Jr.

  11. DL Jamieson says:

    “Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.”
    —C.S. Lewis

  12. James Horan says:

    How can you not admire this man? Would Tiger Woods have throw himself in
    front of his then wife, thus taking the brunt of that horrible Texas head
    on bus collision?

  13. Hikinit says:

    Tiger Woods is a POS. This guy was a real winner.

  14. Hikinit says:

    Tiger? He is one of the worst players on tour now.

  15. Strapper Nick says:

    Thanks for putting this up on the great Ben Hogan! Gives you an insight
    into the man.

  16. mitchellkarera says:

    The formula is as simple as 1-2-3:
    1. Tiger Woods needs five championships to pass Jack Nicklaus for all-time
    wins in major golf tournaments.
    2. Ben Hogan won five majors after driving head-on into a Greyhound bus.
    3. All Woods needs to do to pass Nicklaus is drive head-on into a Greyhound

  17. Oscar Robinson says:

    Ben Hogan was always my favorite pro golfer and the best in my opinion.

  18. Harsh Rana says:

    times changes,eras changes,but a champion or a legend never does,in any
    circumstances,he will always act same,however tough they r,tiger has come
    back from slump 4 times,Hogan was also great and would have outdriven many
    guys wid modern clubs,but its mental toughness which matters n d situations
    which r different, like maybe if Hogan played in this era,he would have
    been distracted wid all these luxuries and madhouse where there is no peace
    of mind coZ of fast lifestyle.

  19. David Feld says:

    Per sniveling little rich kids, not only don’t most know what a tough day
    is, but will cry affluenza to avoid consequences. Instead of affluenza, if
    they were afflicted with Hogan-itis, the world would be a much better

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