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This is the third episode in a series of 7 videos for the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. Each video tells the story about my quest for the perfect set of golf clubs, and ends with a Hogan swing lesson.

In this video I go online for an online fitting and then I continue the story of my personal club fitting at Urban Golf Performance. In this lesson, I discuss the proper weight shift.

And, for the first time I am offering a new instructional series from My Swing Evolution! All of my lessons and insights are condensed into one video that is 1 hour and 21 minutes long!

You can click on the link below for more details!

The video is available for download for $29.95 or for a one day rental for $19.95.

28 Responses to “BEN HOGAN IRONS!!! FORT WORTH 15’s, EPISODE 3”

  1. Rick Dass says:

    Constructive criticism: this series is a bit cheesy, not the genuine
    Christo we’ve seen thus far. Wish you all the best though :-)

    • Mike Baird says:

      +3rdgroove agreed

    • Cornwall1888 says:

      Agreed the ‘staayyy tunnneeddd’ in episode 1 was a good example of the

    • myswingevolution says:

      Thanks, Rick. I’m doing the best I can. I appreciate the input.

    • Capn Morgan says:

      The announcer voice saying “sponsored by Ben Hogan…” is pretty cheesy as
      well so please just use your normal voice that we all know and love. It
      would make the videos much less commercial-sounding.

    • ChossDigital says:

      +myswingevolution I think the way you’re doing the series is actually
      interesting, and, knowing your background in television production, say
      everything you’re doing works. It works with your channel’s brand and the
      way you present your information well. Maybe not everyone sees it, but I
      think you’re doing a darn good job. Keep it up Christo. Just wish they made
      LH irons!

  2. matt dan107 says:

    Nice vid. loving look of the irons. enjoying the tips at end. can’t wait to
    c u hit them on course

  3. J@D W says:

    Consistent apex or peak height throughout the set should probably be a
    consideration in fitting new Hogan irons.

  4. Les Murray says:

    I like George Knudson’s advice about the head – it goes where the body
    takes it. I do agree about weight shift. I like to think about the weight
    following the club head through the strike.

  5. Jason Wirtz says:

    I think it’s a great idea for the Hogan Company to pair with you and allow
    your viewers to follow you through this fitting. It shows how precise they
    are with their sticks and serious they are about being a legit player in
    the equipment game once again.

    • myswingevolution says:

      Thanks, Jason. The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company is certainly making a
      strong play be at the top and I’ve never had such a great experience.

  6. rick petryk says:

    very neat!

  7. 60DegreeLobWedge says:

    In regards to the lower body action, what is your opinion on sevam1’s “the
    move”? Is it something you do? Thanks, and I’m enjoying this series. Those
    are some nice looking irons.

    • myswingevolution says:

      More than ever, I am using The Move from Sevam. It felt so weird and
      counterintuitive at first, but I’m starting to get used to it!

  8. Sam Tamberelli says:

    Another great video! I love this series! Keep it going!!

  9. Diego Diaz says:

    Mr G, I’ve given you some constructive criticism before about Hogan v You
    swing….. But but but for the 1st time, I’ve have to say. THERE at 2.57 on
    the vid. That’s that’s better. And I’m sure if you can open those hips
    slightly more ? . Happy Days Sir. But that’s more like it. Now there you’re
    starting to look a bit like a Hogan shadow. Well done.

    • myswingevolution says:

      I appreciate that. I’m fully aware that I’ll never be a carbon copy, but
      the fact that I can break 80 now has brought me great joy. That was my
      original goal that Mr. Hogan promised was possible in his book and now I’ve
      made it much farther. Thanks for watching!

  10. Dave Parry says:

    6i 190 yds is pretty good ball striking Christo. Loving this new journey
    with Hogan irons by the way. Keep them coming. 👍

  11. boratpausenot26 says:

    i always use the rule the head can move back about 2-10″ but i agree that
    it needs to stay behind the ball!!

    • myswingevolution says:

      I’m not kidding that throwing my head in front of the ball was a habit that
      made it impossible to hit a drive straight with consistency.

  12. curtissii says:

    Cristo, Your swing looks really good!

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