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This is the fourth episode in a series of 7 videos for the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. Each video tells the story about my quest for the perfect set of golf clubs, and each video ends with a Hogan swing lesson.

In this video I go online for a personal club fitting at Urban Golf Performance and I hit a 6 iron 197 yards! In this lesson I discuss Lag, which I prefer to call the Delayed Hit.

And, for the first time I am offering a new instructional series from My Swing Evolution! All of my lessons and insights are condensed into one video that is 1 hour and 21 minutes long!

You can click on the link below for more details!

The video is available for download for $29.95 or for a one day rental for $19.95.

50 Responses to “BEN HOGAN IRONS!!! FORT WORTH 15’s, EPISODE 4”

  1. Danielsan says:

    looking forward to hear what shaft and flex you will get.
    also lie angle….´╗┐

    • myswingevolution says:

      I’ll save you the suspense. I got KBS TourV 110, stiff. My irons are 1
      degree flat.

    • Danielsan says:

      +myswingevolution nice­čśâ. didn’t think you would play a “semi” lightweight
      What is your swingspeed and average distance with a 6 iron?
      And do you now know the optimum spinrate and launch angle with your irons?

  2. Botie Master says:

    The delayed hit bit is so true. I see so many golf channels talking about
    lag the way you describe, as if it’s something you can manufacture. It’s
    supposed to happen completely naturally as a result of the proper golf
    swing, as I understand it. I think if golfers were taught this rather than
    to try to create lag, to trust the body and club to get the ball up for
    you, rather than the tendency to treat the golf club like a stick or bat,
    they would be much better off. I feel like ‘lag’ is this golf epidemic that
    is making everyone worse at golf.

    Not that I’m any kind of expert, that’s for sure. But I’ve spent a lot more
    time looking at “lag” than any other part of the game because I feel like I
    am having problems with my rotation and or weight shift and or lateral side
    bend(I haven’t really been able to diagnose my problem exactly yet without
    video aid and the fact that it doesn’t happen all the time makes it harder
    to figure out) and delayed hits. With your help and a very VERY select few
    others, I feel I fully understand what the deal is with so called lag.
    Achieving the delayed hit is easier said than done, but knowing it’s
    something that happens naturally as a result of the golf swing is half the
    battle. It’s not something you focus on to work on, it’s a golf check, a
    tool that tells you when you are doing things at least mostly right and
    doing things wrong via the feeling of a delayed hit.

    I guess?´╗┐

    • myswingevolution says:

      I used to listen to all of the swing Guru’s talking about holding the wrist
      angle and it was VERY detrimental to my swing. The way they demonstrate lag
      it forces you to hold the cup in the back of the wrist much too long
      forcing you to flip the face of the club through impact. It’s terrible the
      way most instructors describe lag.

  3. Diego Diaz says:

    Question… Why do you always address the club behind the ball with 2-3″
    apart ?´╗┐

  4. Diego Diaz says:

    Christo, when you fill the hogan fitting chart it asks what yardages you
    hit now for certain clubs. So it suggests similar iron lofts to your set,
    as you know. But it’s obvious you can hit further with this set. So
    technically you’re improving your old set and not your game. ??´╗┐

    • myswingevolution says:

      I guess that’s fair to say but even that is misleading. The 6 iron I’m
      hitting 200 today is not the same as the 6 irons I’ve hit in the past. The
      shaft is working much better. But, also I’ve added 15 yards to my 6 iron in
      the last year (from 175 to 190) due to better swing technique.

  5. cgasucks says:

    Congrats on your near 200 6 iron! Last time I checked your 6 iron was 10
    yards less!´╗┐

  6. 2drsdan says:

    The V sole so that is why Rick Schiels couldn’t get the irons to make a
    huge divot
    (in episode 3 I posted his video in the comments) That could save you a
    shoulder injury
    on a poor hit.´╗┐

  7. Maqqa says:

    200 yards with a six iron – you taking steroids Chris? lol


    Lag is just another way “experts” try to describe the last part in Hogan’s
    sequencing. But Hogan goes one step further by adding in supination.´╗┐

  8. FairwayJack says:

    what does this fitting cost? ….is it included with a purchase of a set of
    irons ??´╗┐

  9. bigscreen bird says:

    I always enjoy your videos and your information shared. I was a little
    puzzled why you were so elated with a 200 yard 6 iron? What does it matter
    if you hit a 6 iron 200 or 150 yards? I believe what’s more important is
    consistent strikes and ball flights. I’m always more interested in the
    striking correct and ball flight control over overall distance.´╗┐

    • myswingevolution says:

      +JD Birdwell Golf is a game of distance and control. I was swinging under
      control and I was getting the most out of my swing. None of those were wild
      swings. I talk about practicing half swings and 3 quarter swings all the
      time, but I would rather hit a solid, controlled 9 iron from 150 yards than
      a choke down baby 6. The higher loft will give me more accuracy than a half
      swing with a 6 iron.

    • Dale Pollock says:

      +myswingevolution Hi Christo, see this is where I am getting confused. You
      are saying “a 9 iron from 150”. You seem to be falling into the same trap
      of every other golfer. So from 150 in, you have 9, PW, GW, SW & LW (5
      clubs)? That must mean you have 8 clubs for 150 and out?
      See I got my Hogans built the other way around. From shortest distance (75
      yards) 60 degrees, then 4 degrees less per club from there.
      For you, I would guess you would have a 62 degree iron (75 yards), so your
      set would be, 62, 58, 54, 50, 46, 42 (this is your 150 yd club), 38, 34, 30
      (this is your 200 yd club), 26, 22. (Even when I look at this, you could
      afford to to to a weaker set of lofts)
      Now you have 6 clubs from 150 in and 7 clubs from +150
      For me I have 8 clubs from 165 yards. When I first started using them and
      had a distance of about 200, I would be going to about my tenth longest

    • myswingevolution says:

      My set starts with a 61 degree wedge and they go down 4 degrees per club so
      I have plenty of clubs for the scoring end of the bag.

    • Anthony Minichini says:

      +bigscreen bird why do you think there is a senior tour and the regular
      pga, tell my 80 year old grandpa who hits 12-15 FIR a round that distance
      isn’t important, you seem like a troll who needs to educate himself more

    • bigscreen bird says:

      +Anthony Minichini thanks for your comment!

  10. historicus146 says:

    Did you settle on a KBS shaft? I see the red label….on the one you
    How many grams?´╗┐

  11. nigel brooks says:

    wow looking good Mr.Garcia´╗┐

  12. gbvoul says:

    I heard a story that Ben Hogan’s wife used to have to repair holes in the
    right shoulder of his sweaters because he would wear them out – keeping his
    head down after impact using his shoulder to initiate it’s raising´╗┐

  13. SUPERSTROKE says:

    i would be curious if they are working on a driver?those irons are pretty´╗┐

    • Jacob Streiff says:

      im pretty sure rhe said they would be atleast doing hybrids when I heard an
      interview with Terry K on the golf smarter podcast

    • myswingevolution says:

      I hear that in time they will have a driver. Right now I believe they have
      a hybrid and a set of irons for mid-handicappers coming out.

    • Jacob Streiff says:

      +myswingevolution yea I remember him saying that now. good news for me! Im
      playing Edge CFTs and just ordered 2 riviera wedges

    • Taben armstrong skates says:

      +myswingevolution hey Christo I’m happy for u i love hogan golf company I
      have hogan apex blades and hogan speed slots 1,3,4

  14. Aaron Heafield says:

    Love the guy warming up in the background of the first scene. The old one
    leg two club one arm balance swing thing. The tour guys should be all over

  15. The Forward Divot says:

    Please enter some tourneys next season. As part of the evolution.´╗┐

  16. Mark Nac says:

    Christo, your swing looks amazing these days and clearly you are getting
    good results! I’ve been watching your videos for a few years and remember
    that I nearly stopped watching when you inaugurated your Long Drive
    Training series as you started to ingrain some poor habits, i.e. on the
    downswing your right heel would stand up early and you would lose your
    posture/spine angle as part of this flaw. I’m wondering if there are any
    forks in the road that you’ve taken that you would like to highlight as
    things that you would no longer recommend to those watching your videos.´╗┐

    • myswingevolution says:

      Everything you just said! My heel popping up was my nemesis. I call it my
      “Michael Jackson” and the Long Drive Training just made it worse. Now, I
      have thought about doing a new long drive program with my improved

    • Mark Nac says:

      +myswingevolution Naturally, I wondered if you would try again with
      improved mechanicsÔÇŽ Also, do you still think you “table-top” at
      address/impact or have you let that go? It doesn’t look like you are in
      that position but do your still feel that way??

  17. gbvoul says:

    first day at the range today trying Ben Hogan swing principles.. didn’t go
    so well. lol shanks-galore. Irons and GIR and sand play used to be my
    strength. now my driving, putting and chipping is solid, but now i dont
    know where my irons are going lol. this game.´╗┐

    • myswingevolution says:

      It has been a journey of two steps forward, one step back for me the whole
      way. But, after all this time I’m a lot farther ahead than when I started.

  18. Robert Cabrera says:

    thanks agin cristo,a request if i may would love to see a compilation of
    your swings even practice swings,and you hitting these shots here ty agin.´╗┐

  19. Robert Cabrera says:

    meant to post in slow motion .´╗┐

  20. John Powell says:

    Great review…I decided to go with the Ft Worth as well for my long irons
    only 6 – 4 and love them. I’m a Mizuno man and had to have my MP5s for the
    shorter clubs…the best of both worlds. You’re right about the shaft as I
    ended up with the KBS C-taper lite in the X-stiff. Hitting the ball quite
    straight now with incredible feel.´╗┐

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