Ben Hogan Irons Tested By Mid Handicapper

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►Ben Hogan Irons Tested By Mid Handicapper



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33 Responses to “Ben Hogan Irons Tested By Mid Handicapper”

  1. Ben Filer says:

    Rick, how long are you gonna make us wait before you post Rob’s in the

  2. CobaltA13 says:

    It’s an iron, he’s hardly gunna damage them. I could understand if it was a
    wood..but he’s not going to dent solid metal…

    • nigel Turner says:

      +CobaltA13 rick can always get another set of clubs

    • PkGam says:

      +CobaltA13 I think he was teasing.

    • MTLA1984 says:

      +CobaltA13 more and more often i notice the overly competitive nature
      creeping in Rick’s vids, always emphasizes the negative. Would be much
      easier to watch if was more complimentary like all awesome guys he plays

    • Phil Kwon says:

      +CobaltA13 I agree with the other that think Rick was joking around, but I
      also think he was partly serious. Haha. I know the feeling. And forged
      irons with no Boron in them are much softer. They do, in fact, dent and get
      dinged up much easier.

  3. nigel Turner says:

    srixon z irons look much better

  4. Justin M says:

    Rob you rip a fart @7:23 LOL!

  5. Tom Cooke says:

    If the ‘game improvement’ irons that rob has been testing have been a 7
    iron around 30* then why not let him hit your 30* club?

    Robs carry distances where pretty consistent at around 140 and his test of
    the Ping i irons where just short of 150 which was a 31* loft.

    The only thing this test shows to me is that Rob would struggle with these
    clubs in terms of launch and land angle, a result of Rob’s lack of clubhead
    speed, not lack of ability.

    Handicap isn’t everything when buying clubs.

    • Chris H says:

      +Tom Cooke one reason may be that the length of shaft changes depending on
      those irons.. the mid handicapper irons (said 7 iron around 30 degrees*)
      that rob has been hitting will still hold the length of a true 7 iron, but
      with less loft.. it will only be the difference in loft of the clubhead and
      not the difference in shaft length….. shaft length makes big differences
      in how u hit the ball, ball placement.. etc.. imagine hitting a 9 iron with
      shaft length of 3 iron… i hope that helps

  6. Robert Potter says:

    Damn it, this was soooooooooooooo much fun!

  7. Colin Selfridge says:

    I hated my mizunos when I first got them, had to completely change my swing
    to hit them, but that ended up being exactly what needed to happen for me
    to get any better. Now I have a much shallower angle of attack and I draw
    the ball. Shot a legit 77 on a very difficult course the other day.

  8. dave noll says:

    Why even worry about distance ? He was knocking the pin down with blades
    with the wrong shafts in them. Forgiveness is overrated.

  9. Patrick Owen says:

    Blades are not as difficult to hit as people say. Can we recognize that
    Rob’s results in this test are much better than with the Ping i20s? His
    misses were better with the Hogans and his good shots were excellent. Just
    play what you like.

    • Phil Kwon says:

      +Patrick Owen Agreed. As a mid handicapper, I’ve been told on numerous
      occasions to stay away from bladed clubs. I went to the local golf shop
      that uses GC2 and hit some Titleist MB’s recently and hit them just fine.
      They felt like butter. The head size is intimidating down by the ball but
      it really forces you to make good contact. But would I game them? Probably
      not. I just get punished too much on mishits, especially when trying to
      shape the ball. I play my Ping G30’s because they’re super forgiving and I
      find golf to be more enjoyable that way.

    • David Meeks says:

      +Patrick Owen This is absolutely right. Lots of things seem hard if you
      never try it. The game is mostly mental. People have been told they can’t
      hit blades and they just believe it, but it is not really about that, it’s
      about whether a person has sufficient hand/eye coordination to properly
      strike a golf ball. If someone does not have that, or it is not a strength,
      they will be far better off with game improvement or max game improvement
      irons. These would be people who simply cannot develop the skills to
      consistently hit a smaller head in the middle of the face. But if a person
      has good hand/eye coordination, then that person can learn to hit blades
      well. Many people who are good athletes struggle with blades (mostly
      mentally) the first few rounds with them. Then they start dialing in, their
      brain fine tunes and they start hitting them in the middle. And once you
      find a swing with a blade, you will know why so many people love them. They
      make the game feel sweet. I have a set of blades and a set of cavity backs.
      (Henry-Griffitts T12 blades and Srixon z545 irons.) When I struggle, or it
      is early in the season, I go with the forgiving irons, except for my three
      wedges, which are always blades. I build my confidence, groove my swing. I
      then switch to a full blade set. Not only does my score not go up, I
      generally cut a 2-3 strokes. To me the reason is simple — forgiving clubs
      make your misses less bad, but I find if your game is on and you want to
      throw darts at pins that stick, blades are superior, especially from longer
      distances. If you are a mid-handicapper who is aspiring player, there is
      absolutely no reason not to try these Ben Hogan irons or Mizuno or the new
      Wilson blades.I love golf and I have fun with any kind of club, but I have
      the most fun when I am swinging well and hitting blades, because every shot
      feels so good.

    • laiosto says:

      +Patrick Owen I am a high handicapper and can testify that blades are not
      that hard.I prefer my Mizuno Mp 29s anyday over my Forged cavity back
      Calloways.The difference is not that great.My first ever irons I tried to
      hit were pure blade Carnegie Clarks.Just remember people, before cavity
      back irons were invented EVERYONE used blades.

    • Daz White says:

      100% right, im a +6 H/cap and ive been using the FT 15’ssince they came out
      and they are epic, sometimes i toss with my Cally Apex pros but im always
      drawn back to the Hogans, dont let anyone say a 11 Hcapper cant play these
      if you strike the ball half decent you’ll be fine and they tune your game
      also !

  10. Gino Mendoza says:

    Rick, when will you be testing the newest Hogan irons?? Those have peaked
    my interest.

  11. Jacob Youngblood says:

    Where did you get thoughs irons from I’ve been looking for blades. I love
    Ben hogan clubs.

  12. Mike Boatright says:

    I disagree I think rob could game this irons with a weaker flex and
    slightly stronger loft.

  13. fradaja says:

    try some slazenger tpm……….hardest blade ever

  14. R L says:

    Boo Rick. Potter should get a set!

  15. Justin Markillie says:

    Great video, Rick! Waiting for my Ben Hogans to arrive this week!

  16. TWG COBRA says:

    Rob always mentions those slazenger blades

  17. John Ferguson says:

    lmao waiting for him to shank it!

  18. Marvin Pierce says:

    Love your show and you do some wonderful equipment evaluations that are
    fantastic! But… I have one question, how come you never have a test of
    Miura clubs? I use their CB-501, play off 6 and think its without a doubt
    one of the best irons I’ve used. Previously played Mizuno 53 and then the

  19. Michael Walters says:

    What would Rob do with that club head and reg. flex shafts instead of the
    tire iron flex shafts that Rick uses ? Would love to see that video.

  20. Michael Walters says:

    I’m a mid handicap golfer, when I was younger back in 1988 I bought a set
    of Hogan Apex irons stiff flex. Couldn’t hit them to save my life. Tried
    for a year then I got a set of Ping eye 2 irons red dot and won the City
    Championship. Listen to Rick. He knows of where he speaks. Vanity all is

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