Ben Hogan Left Knee Trace

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

A video and 3D analysis of Ben Hogan's left knee movement in his golf swing. Software courtesy of Gregg McHatton.

6 Responses to “Ben Hogan Left Knee Trace”

  1. Paul Faverio says:

    It appears to me it looks like a stack/tilt move going back with that left
    hip slanted. The knees would have to be flexed through 3/4 of the swing and
    he then gets taller in posture on the finish with his leg less flexed or
    straight after the shot… Thanks for this video, your thoughts. Paul

  2. Stephane Gauthier says:

    very nice and detailed analysis.

  3. Maqqa says:

    What we see here is consistent with his book.
    Pg92 – left leg begins to break back and the left knee turns a little to
    the target.

  4. geansai333 says:

    the whole hogan thing is great and admirable, but like tiger, he just has
    too much going on to be able to try and mimic it, I think.
    I’d rather the simplicity of the sam snead swing. I’m trying to quiten my
    over active left knee, and watching hogan… I just think his knees look
    wild and out of control. All fine, if you have super hand eye, but I do
    not. 20hcpr

  5. Randall Kurzman says:

    Very nice analysis. I had a series of lessons at Golftech that had me
    imagine a big ball between my legs keeping my lower body quiet during the
    swing and not allow my left knee to tip in or bow out, but to be steady.
    Seemed easier to be accurate but you have to admit, the full-body
    commitment to the swing that Hogan commits looks very satisfying and worth
    trying. We can always go back to quieting the lower body but think the
    superior swing requires the type of movements Hogan did and shows. Can
    everyone do this? Who knows. But again, worth a try. Sequence, timing, and
    taking it easy I think are also important regardless of whether any of us
    put it together in the same way Hogan did. Hand-eye coordination is not as
    important as feel that can lead to confidence. You can’t correct the
    position of the golf-head during the swing. Hogan pointed this out as well;
    it just happens to fast to allow this to be effective.

  6. Derek Duvall says:

    I dont think it matters straight or bent at impact. Thats an individuals
    timing issue squaring the club. How much one turns.
    What I think most important, most dont do, is tilt the left knee back
    behind ball then throw it forward of the ball to start the down swing. The
    left knee is the last motion in the backswing & 1st motion of the
    downswing. TADA
    Most start by throwing their chest, arms & hands out at the ball, instead
    of letting the arms fall down “along for the ride” from throwing the left
    knee out in front of the ball to lead the swing. Not getting the left knee
    out in front of the ball doesnt allow the hips to be open at impact. The
    back of the left hand ends up either cutting across the ball or flipped to
    square up. Dont steer the hands, steer the knees & hips.

    pls RT

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