Ben Hogan Lesson #2 with Gregg McHatton

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

This is my second lesson with Gregg McHatton. I'm so honored to be one of his students and I've never been more confident that I will someday have a real Hogan-style golf swing.

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  1. tawfeeqm says:

    Thank you for sharing Christo!
    I am in Los Angeles and wonder when you will be hosting a clinic close by
    as I would be interested to attend.

  2. SoulOfMyShyu says:

    Christo, you asked me who I thought swung like Hogan in present day. My
    response was “You do the most.” Your post-lesson swings in the last 1:30 of
    your vlog – if you went to a full finish, you’d be 99% there. Keep up the
    good work!

    • Diego Diaz says:

      I’m sorry but he doesn’t . Yes Mr G, absolutely applies his fundamentals in
      his own swing, but side by side when you compare, there is no contest.
      Just isn’t, Mr H is absolute poetry and fluently. We all try but will never
      But I can’t take away Mr G’s dedication in his quest. Absolutely 100%.
      Looks like a charming man and a pleasure to meet one day if I can travel to
      the LA in the near future.

  3. x sauceda says:

    i used to tell u to work on your lateral slide and u said you couldn’t due
    to past injuries, etc…. great video !

    • myswingevolution says:

      I don’t recall ever using past injuries as any excuse. However, I couldn’t
      walk this morning and I will need a knee and hip replacement eventually,
      which makes this work difficult. Also, working in person with a former
      national champion who is a recognized Hogan expert is much different than
      taking advice in the comment section of my videos. Many people have given
      me great advice that I’ve used, but if I did everything people said in the
      comments I would be totally screwed up.

    • x sauceda says:

      I completely understand, and I hope you can find a way around your knee and
      hip issue. The only other bit of advice I hope you keep track of is what I
      see as a sort of “measuring stick” observed by Wayne D among others where
      it can be seen that Hogan stands tall at address, his head drops a few
      inches as he gets “deeper” in the backswing, and his head drops a few
      inches more on the downswing due to the lateral drive of his lower body.
      Discovering McHatton is a huge step in your journey. Best of luck.

    • myswingevolution says:

      +x sauceda I appreciate it. Wayne D’s work was some of the first I began
      researching. I still rise a touch at impact so I will have to clear better
      to achieve a level head at impact but it is my eventual goal.

    • x sauceda says:

      Big hitters spin in place, tour champions slide at the target. At your
      level, you’re doing a disservice to your game if you’re not spending 50% of
      your practice session on and around the green. like how you keep this
      channel alive!

  4. sandman4224 says:

    McHatton teaches to keep active arms out of the swing. As Mike Austin would
    say, “don’t pull, don’t drop.” Power and accuracy ensue, thereafter. Nice

  5. Levi Butler says:

    I love your channel and I love your swing and especially your thoughts on
    swing theory.

    My thought is this: whenever you start comparing the baseball swing with
    the golf swing, there is one blaring difference. With a golf club, the back
    of your front hand faces the target. With a bat (or basically any other
    tool for swinging. Hammer. Axe. Sword. Anything else you would be swinging
    for power.) your knuckles face the target. With this thought in mind I have
    adopted a very “strong” grip. I feel like it has allowed me to swing the
    golf club a lot harder with a lot more freedom (a lot closer to the
    mindlessness that we should strive for when competing, just line up my feet
    and swing through the ball as hard as I want to). I also feel like it let’s
    me clear my hips better because it’s a more natural move to get my hands
    out in front, giving me more lag and better hip rotation.

    I could be totally crazy in these thoughts and it could be a band-aid that
    is covering up another issue. Or I could be totally on to something.

    What are your thoughts on this? 

    • myswingevolution says:

      My friend Victor Rodriguez plays with a very strong grip and has the
      closest action to Hogan that I know of. He just has a freewheeling way of
      smashing the ball and he’s in the Remax Long Drive finals this year with a
      drive of 401 to qualify. So, I’m not against it but Hogan said the weaker
      grip gives him a better connection with his upper left arm.

    • Levi Butler says:

      I guess that’s true. It will be physiologically a lot harder for your left
      wrist to move independently from the rest of your arm if you’ve got a
      weaker grip. I just feel like there are too many potential variables in my
      swing without the strong grip. Those could just be issues in my own swing

  6. Matthew Collins says:

    These instructors always seem to talk on riddles to me!!

  7. Dave Shelton says:

    At 8:09 I can’t understand what he says. That prompts you to get “chills
    just thinking about it”. Can you translate?

    • myswingevolution says:

      Gregg, “He’s like a cellist. There is something about a cellist that
      strikes your heart. It’s the right vibration.”

  8. mynusss says:

    Christo! Thank you so much for this video I’ve been working on this
    particular move this video explains it all so well. Can’t wait to try it
    out on the range tomorrow

  9. Eric Desjardins says:

    quality. Listening to Gregg talk about golf, is like listening to Eddie
    Bravo talk about juijitsu…expertise

  10. Mike Williams says:

    So you can make a video with this guy but not with me? ,he told you you
    need more of everything?? Dude your swing is perfection???. Art in motion!!
    Believe me you did not get closer to finding hogans secret seeing him…

  11. Vince J says:

    Christo I envy you. To get lessons in person from “The Hat”, WOW. I have
    been following Mr. McHatton(along with Ben Doyle, Bobby Schaeffer) for
    years. The concept of ” the work comes from the inside” for me, was hard to
    grasp at first, but I’ll tell once I got it, my golf swing is light years
    ahead from it was. My swing feels so much bigger, and feels so much softer.
    I’m 5’7″ consistently bang out 280 yard drives down the fairway, and laser
    pinpoint irons to the flag. Excellent choice in a teacher!!! 

  12. Jamison Harris says:

    Will there be a 3rd installment with “The Hat”? I need more….

  13. kilroy escalante says:

    My apologize to Mister Garcia.

  14. FairwayJack says:

    People called Hogan the Hawk cuz of his steely gaze….but I think the
    moniker is more appropriate to his swing…like a Hawk swooping out of sky
    and ripping a big mouth bass out of the water…it was a thing of
    beauty…and will be a joy forever

  15. George Smith says:

    He said you need to “finish all your shots (especially misses). In your
    many videos you always have a nice high, fully rotated finish. So what is
    it he thinks is missing in your finish??

  16. PBH74 says:

    How do you make soft look firm?

  17. tim hayes says:

    Hi Cristo
    I notice you seem to start your swing from a sort of standing start.(not a
    Ben waggle)
    That lesson seemed to be about getting left hip out of the way before
    I think the only way to do that is with some momentum
    Gary player kicked his right knee in but what that also did was turn his
    left hip out of the way (to the left) a little to start swing
    It gave him that room you are talking about.

    Momentum hmmmm
    best wishes on your journey
    Tim from surrey uk

  18. Erykvonkeith says:

    Lydia Ko is the classic example of everything he expressed visually and
    verbally from the 2:30-3:45 minute marker.

  19. Thomas Fraser says:

    Christo, on the downswing ‘the left hip back and the right hip forward’
    makes sense to me as I believe Hogan fired his downswing on the left hip
    going back and the right hip going forward to the moment of impact and then
    booth hips reconnect for the finish of the swing.

  20. Thomas Fraser says:

    For me this idea works well as many times on the downswing I would rotate
    with both hips simultaneously. Bad call on my part. I think Hogan initially
    turning back his left hip on the downswing allow his arms and hands to
    automatically lower to the position just above his hip level( the perfect
    slot position for the perfect leg) then by continuing his right hip forward
    he was easily able to use his right side at the full moment of impact then
    finally he would always remember to reconnect both hips together for his
    classic pose at the finish. Of course this sequencing of the hips occurs at
    the blink of an eye.

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