Ben Hogan Lessons 1-3

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

This is the first 3 lessons from my new lesson program that I sent out to my Platinum Patrons a couple of months ago. Here is a brief overview of the Ben Hogan golf swing by My Swing Evolution. I would also like to share my new film/instructional video The Hogan Code, which is unlike any other golf video on the market. It tells my story and reveals the secrets that I discovered while I was 6 on my year quest to swing like the great Ben Hogan.

Master the golf swing today with The Hogan Code!

And, for the first time I am offering a new instructional series from My Swing Evolution! All of my lessons and insights are condensed into one video that is 1 hour and 21 minutes long!

You can click on the link below for more details!

The video is available for download for $29.95 or for a one day rental for $19.95.

28 Responses to “Ben Hogan Lessons 1-3”

  1. John Kennedy says:

    theres lots of great ball strikers out there, sadlowski comes to mind, or
    anyone with a great distance to weight ratio, Hogan is nice to watch but
    anyone who develops a relaxed swing will automatically fire hips first,
    skipping stones on water is a complex kinetic sequence but any child
    can teach himself to do it, theres nothing special going on, im 150 pounds
    and can hit 320 no problem, ive hit 347 in an LD comp, if you think other
    people are special you hold yourself back, go out relax and believe like a

    • Wayne OReilly says:

      +john ken Sure we believe you , of course your better than Ben Hogan we all
      believe you :0)

  2. C Smith says:

    Where does the hogan shangri-la come into play?

    • myswingevolution says:

      +Conal Smith It’s the moment just before the club is released and the
      clubhead is coming at the ball from the inside.

  3. kilroy escalante says:

    Ben was awesome,he did the same thing as Mike Austin,but on a flatter
    plane,which made him deep going back.Its all about balance.

  4. Jancen says:

    I’m dead serious about rebuilding my swing as I don’t much improvement in
    my swing. How do I follow your videos?

  5. Robert Strauss says:

    Thank you for revealing the “Hogan Secret” and putting it in terms we can
    all understand. I’m not sure everyone appreciates how allusive this has
    been in the golfing world or how important. Way to go!

  6. JayZoop says:

    Yes, the upper body does follow, but except for the right elbow. The right
    elbow is in sink with the hips and is the pulling force of the right hand.
    It’s better to pull the right hand rather than push the right hand.

  7. John Barry says:

    The best instructional golf videos I’ve ever seen. The simplicity of the
    swing is understandable now. My goal is to be able to strike the ball well
    and finish balanced on the left side as Mr. Hogan did. I believe the key
    may be that, at impact, Mr. Hogan, and most good ball strikers, already
    have the majority of their weight and center of gravity on their left side,
    making a balanced finish the result.

  8. Ted Thomason says:

    Well done. Nice Bobby Jones and Hogan pieces to boot

  9. JohnnyNIght says:

    No offense, but go watch the Ben Hogan video of his Ed Sullivan show
    appearance. It’s a 49 second video that shows all you everything to know
    about his swing. It’s all about seeing the rhythm in his swing. Talking
    about does very little to help you other than letting you know that you
    need to look at it, to really understand it.

  10. Jeff Bahry says:

    “All I know is I’ve seen Nicklaus watch Hogan hit balls, but I ain’t never
    seen Hogan watch Nicklaus” – Tommy Bolt

  11. JayZoop says:

    I’m pretty sure Ben knows he’s also leading with his right elbow tucked in
    font of his right hip. He’s able to do that with Sideways body lean.

  12. Chester Micek says:

    MSE is a better internet instructor than Johnny Miller. 1) Swing from the
    bottom, not from the top, 2) Keep your elbows close to your body, 3)
    Initially, pull with the left shoulder instead of pushing with the right.
    4) Stay under the glass plane, 5) hold off with the right arm until the
    shaft is parallel to the turf. That’s great advice, but, just to show off,
    I’d add two more things: a) for guys – keep your balls behind the ball with
    the driver and don’t post up on the left leg prior to impact with the
    driver, and b) for gals – use the one over and one under rule in reference
    to your boobs, ie get your right tricep pressed against your right hooter
    on the downswing as soon as you can. Do that while maintaining a straight
    left arm, which should be pressing against the top of your left hooter.
    Remember golf is not a robot game. You can get too mechanical. Golf is a
    feel game; so, keep your boobs and balls in the game. Good luck.

  13. Lionel M O P says:

    Great video, Thank you

  14. Alec McLaughlin says:

    There will never be another as good as he wasn.

  15. Luke Daniel Borel says:

    One thing I picked up on, is that his upper body gets a little closer to to
    ball during the back swing. Then when he gets close to impact he uses his
    back muscles to get leverage that is delivered to the ball when his back
    lifts up slightly.

    I have been watching some of the Professional Bowlers (the sport). Some of
    the good bowlers get more bent at the waist during their approach to the
    foul line, and they lift up slightly with their back muscles when they
    release their ball towards the pins.

    I think this delivers leverage that reduces stress on the knees, which is
    very important in golf. I think Tiger Woods uses his back muscles in the
    impact area which applies leverage that is delivered when striking the golf


  16. movie guy99 says:

    Love these videos. Still frustrated with finding some lag and a downward
    hit on the ball. I’ve always hit a draw and i start my downswing with my
    legs and hips but no matter what I do i cast the club and scoop the ball.
    i’ve heard that if you start with your legs its impossible to cast but
    somehow I found a way.

    • myswingevolution says:

      +movie guy99 I don’t recall ever saying that you cannot cast if you start
      with your legs, but you are ahead of the pack if you are using your lower
      body. You may not need to change your release as Jack Nicklaus believed you
      could not release the club too early. However, if you would like to create
      more lag, feel like you are going to hit the ball with the butt end of the
      club. That will give you some of the feeling you need.

    • movie guy99 says:

      +myswingevolution Sorry I was actually thinking of that Nicklaus quote too
      and I know you didn’t say that exactly. At 2:30ish you say something about
      starting with the lower body before the upper body and that this is what
      lag really is. I can remember in Hogan’s book he talked about how important
      it is to start with the lower body and that no one believes him that this
      is practically all he thinks about in the downswing.

  17. J England says:

    Fantastic. I just purchased Mr. Hogan’s book, and You sir, are spot on!

  18. Joker The Joke Man says:

    His secret was his extremely high pants. The high pants allow freedom of
    the hips, and thus lag. The other item nobody wants to address was his
    heavy use of human growth hormone after his accident. He was the godfather
    of HGH. That is how he was able to recover and function after his horrific

  19. Joker The Joke Man says:

    Bobby Jones fully explains what my wife often says, “it feels like I am
    pulling on a slack rope!”.

  20. Greg McMullan says:

    Excellent video and the most important aspects of swing plane covered.

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