Ben Hogan playing Golf…720p HD

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Ben Hogan 52 years old, playing golf at the Houston Country Club 1964.
My favourite footage in HD 960 x 720 BW…

9 Responses to “Ben Hogan playing Golf…720p HD”

  1. tarifachris says:

    I love it too. My intend was not to disrespect you, why should I… I am
    more interested in the Golfswing of Mr. Hogan so I scaled it bigger to see
    the golfmotion better, even better in bw for me. People who wants to see
    the original plaease go to the channel of hynodesignclassics. Keep up the
    good work… Saludos from spain

  2. hynodesignsclassics says:

    Listen up a re-uploaded flv file, which is cropped can not look better than
    the source copy. Don’t be a real idiot. Thank goodness, I messed up the
    interlacing on this video, so it would look terrible on a TV. Don’t
    understand why people re-upload videos, at one point in time Sergio vs
    Harrington was re-uploaded under 15 different accounts. For whatever reason
    people don’t care about quality have seen JUST flat out horrible VHS
    recordings get millions of views. Who cares at this point.

  3. hynodesignsclassics says:

    fatdug, don’t have a problem with tarifachris, he is a hogan fan and i am
    fine with that. My account did get closed. So whatever, come on, when you
    see so much of your work re-uploaded all over the place it kind of pisses
    one off. This is a free service and one of the reasons, will not upload any
    of my completed videos. Restoration work is hard and costs a lot of money
    and time to remaster stuff. Than someone rips it off. Something like the 73
    British was damaged, so didn’t care about it.

  4. UN Owen says:

    Oh, I see. You simply stole the SWWOG episode with Hogan and Snead and
    changed it to black and white and added music.

  5. Mike from Louisiana says:

    Great stuff thanks for posting ! 

  6. GreenBottles808 says:

    What’s the name of the track? 

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