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So you may have noticed when you are watching a lot of top pros or really good ball strikers out there, as their club starts the downswing, it starts to flatten out.

In this video we are going to talk about why you want to flatten out the club, what kind of plane you want the club on coming down, and how this is going to give you more power.

But before we do that, lets take a look at Ben Hogan doing this motion, so you can see this from one of the greatest players of all time!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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34 Responses to “BEN HOGAN POWER MOVE | Learn It Now!”

  1. TheFester999 says:

    Does this apply to iron shots as well, or just the driver?

  2. Danny Kopp says:

    this is why jim furyk has such a great downswing. Great video!

  3. ajh21313 says:

    That’s the same move Butch Harmon had Fowler do, to shallow the driver and
    whip it through, now Ricky is driving over 300 now. Even Lydia Ko through
    David Ledbetter is having her take the driver back steep then lay down the
    shaft and come in shallow to the ball, on plane.

  4. Thomas Fraser says:

    Thanks I will give it a try. I never thought of rotating the right arm
    approaching the top of the back swing; but if it is good enough for Ben
    Hogan; it should work fine for me.

  5. Matthew Sword says:

    Clay, great video!
    In other videos you talk about the plane line being from the hosel to under
    the elbow, but a lot of swing commentary draw lines through the hands. I
    ask this, because when I do a swing analysis of myself, I’m slightly above
    the line (drawn through the hands) say 4 or 5*, but when I draw lines as
    you do, I’m perfect. I’m an 8 hcp looking for answers to my draws and hooks.

    • Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard says:

      +Matthew Sword Great question. You have to have the line above the shaft
      and roughly through the elbow. This is due to the force of the club
      steepens the shaft in a good golf swing, since the head is outside the
      shaft. Many people draw the line on the shaft, but that is just a random
      line that doesn’t mean much in the swing. I am not sure why they do that.
      The line should be from the hosel through the bottom of the elbow at
      address. Best of luck!! ~Clay

    • Matthew Sword says:

      +Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard Good to know, because the crunchy of the
      spine to get the handle on the shaft plane can be painful. Do you have any
      videos on draws and hooks? In your opinion did this move exacerbate Hogans

    • Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard says:

      Haha, yeah, it is impossible to get back down to the original shaft plane,
      and hit a great shot. Too much force.

      He tended to get on the extreme, which didn’t help with the hook. All good
      players flatten the shaft a bit on the start down.

      Good luck!!

  6. James Cantrell says:

    Clay, I remember you from Rotary Are you teaching the same
    principles as was taught on that system? Is is possible that you can get
    the club behind you too much that would cause you to flip at the ball and
    cause a chicken wing to occur? I am working on flattening out my swing but
    my instructor who is a good friend of mine tells me I have too much lateral
    shift going on that would cause me to get the club behind me and have to
    flip at it to keep from hitting it to the right. I like the move because it
    gives me a feeling of power that I have coming into the ball.

    • Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard says:

      +James Cantrell Hi James. I teach something a little different now. I focus
      on the 5 most important pieces of the swing in my Top Speed Golf System.
      That is a little mis-understood. That only happens when the hands move out
      and the club drops in. You could definitely slide too far left. How does
      your compression line look that I go over in the system? Hope your doing

  7. Juan Lozano says:

    Sorry, it really bothers me that so many people, and now including you, are
    pronouncing the word as Schtruggling instead of struggling, ala Michelle

    • Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard says:

      +Juan Lozano Haha, I’m from Kentucky, pronunciation isn’t going to be a
      strong suit of mine. Hope your playing well! ~Clay

  8. David Breckenridge says:

    Clay, is this strictly a move with the driver or should it be used in all
    full swings?

  9. Ben Rodriguez says:

    Hogan did not roll the hand or forearms through impact. Golfers don’t
    realize that rolling is not necessary to square up the club. At 8:17 you do
    a wonderful job of squaring up the club without a roll. The right wrist
    simply unhinges naturally from waist high, not a roll. Enjoyed your video,
    slotting the club is a rare ability that I seldom see out on the course.

    • Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard says:

      +Ben Rodriguez Hi Ben, thanks for commenting. Which move in particular are
      you meaning by rolling, that you don’t like. Wrist extension/flexion,
      pronation/supination, or radial/ulnar deviation. Thanks, I just wanted to
      clarify. Hope your doing great!

  10. A A says:

    Right after flattening the shaft, what do u focus on in ref to releasing
    the clubhead square to your target; the slightest failure to square = block
    to right over those trees? Do u focus on smacking the ball with the right
    per Ballard, Watson, etc?

    • Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard says:

      +A A That is a great comment. This is a common visual that people get. I
      don’t want my club going any more to the right (right swing plane). I am
      just flattening it. Image a plane of glass that is flatter, the bottom will
      still be square. So you shouldn’t struggle with any more blocks.
      On the other hand. You could take a steep plane, and tilt it to the right,
      and hit huge blocks. You would be coming much more from the inside, but the
      plane would still be steep. Hope that makes sense.

  11. DASH1ful says:

    it is physically impossible to rotate your right hand and arm and have your
    right elbow close to your side. it was his grip secret which applied force
    to both sides of the shaft with his left hand that enabled him to release
    the club this way.

  12. Terry Young says:

    CAMERA RECORDINGS. I only can find it after I save and go to edit the pic.
    If people could stand in a camera and see the line they could self teach
    themselves. Saving a video and making the edit after you swing only
    promotes repetition of the wrong swing plane that you discover over and
    over after the fact. V1 Golf is after the fact, who makes one?

    • Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard says:

      Hi Terry. I am not sure anyone makes that type of software. We add these in
      using video editing software. When I am out on the course, I just know
      about where the lines will be from a lot of practice. I agree, that would
      be a great help if someone would make something like that. ~Clay

  13. Terry Young says:

    Ok. I just got tired of looking and ordered the darn Foresight Simulator
    and monitor.

  14. Terry Young says:

    Ok. I just got tired of looking and ordered the darn Foresight Simulator
    and monitor.

  15. Andy Phan says:

    When did you start golfing

  16. Tom Lawson says:

    hey Clay

    When you state “release the club” does this mean turning the club over/
    rolling the club over ?

    Thank You

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