Ben Hogan Practice Swings Training Guide 1

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Ben Hogan Practice Swings Training Guide 1

7 Responses to “Ben Hogan Practice Swings Training Guide 1”

  1. theeaglequest says:

    Great stuff here!!!!

  2. Henny Bogan says:

    Great footage thank you.

  3. hdphoto says:

    I agree, great find of this old footage. Thanks for edit this and putting
    it to music!

  4. Benjamin Black says:

    You notice the left foot move he does on every practice swing to start the

  5. Charlie Pilgrim says:

    looks like to me that he starts by raising his right heel first and draws
    the right foot back a touch and replants the right heel followed by the
    left foot floating a small step to his left as he reaches the top of his
    practice backswing!

  6. 1lovegolf24 says:

    Thanks for all your hard work and footage of Ben Hogan. Of all the videos
    of Ben Hogan you have provided the most helpful and informative with the
    exception of one, but that is another comment.

  7. Diamnzpuck says:

    This is incredible… been watching some vids you have just to see some of
    these swings…this is amazing WOW

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