Ben Hogan Principles: Spin vs Slide

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Tom Bertrand shows the pitfalls of a slide vs a proper spin in the golf swing.

9 Responses to “Ben Hogan Principles: Spin vs Slide”

  1. Stephane Gauthier says:

    The last note near the end is Key!

  2. Dakiz Dakiz says:

    but Hogan did slide?

    • tombertrand1 says:

      +Dakiz Dakiz Yes he did. He related to John Schlee that the slide is the
      cause for many inconsistencies in the golf swing. That’s why when John was
      learning from Mr. Hogan, John was not to try and copy Mr. Hogan’s swing.

    • tombertrand1 says:

      By that time he was out of competition and just constantly working on the
      golf swing at
      Shady Oaks, too old to change his own swing. He liked to help Tour players
      who would ask for his help. There’s a book written by Kris Tschetter who
      played the women’s Tour called “Mr Hogan: The Man I Knew” that’s a great

  3. charly yoo says:

    Great explanation of the lower body movement. Your videos are the best.

  4. Brett Karst says:

    Another great lesson…. You’ve made an impact in my game instantly!

  5. Rodisflawless says:

    What about arms being stuck behind?

    • tombertrand1 says:

      The arms will never get stuck behind if they are close as possible. They
      will work together and always be in front of the chest.

  6. joseserranosuner says:

    What helped me avoiding reverse pivot is to concentrate on twisting my
    bellybutton just a shade after rotating open with my left hip, that way I
    pass on the momentum created by the lower body to the torso and shoulders.

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