Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Rick Shiels, PGA Golf Pro tests the latest Ben Hogan PTX Irons using GC2 and the new FSX Software by Foresight


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  1. ThingsAreLookingUp says:

    Best looking cavity backs ever imo. Close with the AP2 714 though. I want

  2. Laurent Scotta says:

    We need rob potter testing these !

  3. Connor Bennink Golf says:

    Ri k you should just make a combo set with ft worths and PTX

  4. Derek1224 says:

    They’re more forgiving in the fact that your miss hits still carry the same
    as your good one. Offline dispersion is up to the player. These irons look

  5. Gabriel Moreno says:

    They look like the old Nike combos

  6. Tom Cooke says:

    I think a combo set is on the cards and the Ft Hi to replace your Apex UT?

  7. golfninja says:

    RS if you don’t want the #QuestforTheOpen BH’s … I’ll buy them from you
    🙂 Perhaps you should split the bag 4i to 7i PTX’s 8i to wedges Ft Worth
    15’s …… Liked the audition for the Flora ad …. “soft as butter” ;)

  8. Paul Gerencher says:

    Looks like a combo set is in order

  9. Gianmarco Balsamo says:

    More forgiving and confortable than yours, Rick. From the firsts shots i
    think u could put immediatly in your bag.

  10. Scott's Golf says:

    if u like the long irons… put them in ur bag and keep the short irons

  11. Tyler Brewton says:

    Great review Rick! To clarify the reason your 46, 42, 38, 34 has “squiggly”
    lines is the revolutionary titanium co-forging process. The process is the
    industry-first co-forged titanium core in the center of each iron removes
    just the right amount of mass from the center of the club head, while
    preserving face thickness and optimizing perimeter weighting for better
    shotmaking precision where it counts the most.

    Then your 30, 26, 22 are clean with no “squiggly” lines because of the
    progressive hollow construction. You were right, the weight insert is

    • Greg Burgin says:

      +Tyler Brewton What does the type of construction have to do with an
      exterior decorative pattern? The face thickness can be made the same either
      with or without the swirly decoration. Is the swirly pattern simply to
      identify which clubs have hollow construction and which do not? I’d much
      prefer them all without that decoration which is a bit cheesy looking.

  12. Alan Waterworth says:

    Beautiful clubs and a great review as usual Rick. That´s the first time
    I´ve heard anyone talk about spin rate in relation to club length, ie, 4
    iron = 4000, 7 iron = 7000. Makes sense, my 7 iron also spins at around
    7000, so it´s kind of useful to to know, I guess. Is Rob going to get a go
    of these? hope so :)

  13. metamurph says:

    Would love to have you hit some Miura’s. I wish these guys had these in the
    hands of fitters. I am not going to just order a set of lofts based on a
    website without giving them a run and I agree these don’t look as good and
    the things like the different treatment of the cavity makes it look like
    prototypes not a finished product.

    Another line…what, in an iron, does more forgiving really mean? To me, an
    iron isn’t going to “gear effect” a toey shot to hook less. What forgiving
    means to me is the distance won’t drop as much if you don’t middle the
    sweet spot. Though I have had irons where it seems like my lateral
    dispersion is better too. I don’t know that this the mechanics of the club
    or their affect on my swing. But I have seen front to back dispersion to be
    smaller and that is valuable unless left or right and shorter means I stay
    out of the hazard 🙂

    I would love to hear your thoughts on what more forgiving really means and
    kind of like what Markie Mark just did: compare his MP5 to JPX Ex…the
    difference may be marginal. IE we are talking about 6 strokes per…year,

  14. CWB Researcher says:

    Rick have you gotten a Hole in One in your life?

  15. gbvoul says:

    Doesn’t make a difference

  16. golf raven says:

    Heck, might get back to Hogans after all. Like the looks of those but the
    thicker topline might be a no go. Will wait what comes out in next two

  17. pete Cordery says:

    Rick where is their a supplier of the PTX IRONS in the south of england i
    live in Brighton and cannot find a supplier anywhere

  18. Bruce Hart says:

    i got to try these at a demo day and was very impressed. then i discovered
    that for $20 they will loan you two clubs (at least in the US) so now i
    have a 29 and 41 to play with. there’s just something great about the feel,
    the weighting, the turf interaction. i find i’m very consistent with these
    whereas it’s hit or miss with the M2 6 iron that TaylorMade kindly sent me.
    i feel like i can plot my way around a course. Back in the day I played
    Hogan Edge forged irons so it’s nice to see the Hogan name back in action.

    So far i haven’t found these to be the kind of clubs where you can hit it
    hard and launch it super high and let it ride the wind with a high draw.
    These have a very controlled flight and don’t seem prone to wild flights of
    fancy (but sometimes those are fun, too). During my test period i need to
    try a course that requires one to throw it in high and soft (no links-style
    bouncing it up on the green).

  19. Vartan Papazian says:

    where is rob when we need him???

  20. b10rain says:


    I know you like these and put these in the bag for the Open . Go for 1
    degree upright and 1/2″ longer in your next set. Put in nippon modus 3 120s
    hardstepped or 120x shafts.
    Watch your dispersion and consistency improve buddy.
    Good luck.

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