BEN HOGAN SET UP SECRET | Learn His Genius Move

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

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How would you like to know a stance set up secret that can help with any club? Ben Hogan came up with this to help ball strikers with their drives. The stance slightly changes adjusting for club length and this effects your swing plane and angle of attack. With proper swing plane and angle of attack you can get the ball placed where you want and get the distance you need. Let's get started!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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18 Responses to “BEN HOGAN SET UP SECRET | Learn His Genius Move”

  1. Joe Brown says:

    Thanks, I just got some blades, and I was not hitting down enough and it
    was killing my distance, but this helped

  2. Youngsun Kim says:

    i think Ben hogan invented trackman lauch monitor. it is on 107th page in
    my book. thanks for your great information.

    • Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard says:

      +Youngsun Kim Haha, maybe. Definitely before his time! Play great! ~Clay

    • Youngsun Kim says:

      +Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard i think many golfers have their own good
      hulhoops but i often see they are confusing themselves with wrong
      alignment. thanks for your reminder. GREAT TEACHING!

    • Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard says:

      Thanks! Very true. ~Clay

  3. Serg Kaizen says:

    Wtf are you talking about!?

    • Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard says:

      +Serg Kaizen Haha, sorry Serg. This isn’t something I would worry about for
      most players. This is mostly for the hogan fans out there that want to know
      why he recommended different foot alignments. Hope your playing great! ~Clay

    • brainfree says:

      And what about the rotifer?

  4. Ian L says:

    Nice video! For the life of me, I could never fully understand this part of
    Hogan’s book. So, ONLY the feet (and consequently hips) are adjusted
    open/closed? The torso remains square to the target line? Do you also
    advocate the constant ball placement like Hogan?

    It would have helped me visually if you used a short iron and driver to
    demonstrate your point. Thanks.

    • Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard says:

      +Ian L Hi Ian. Thanks, and glad to help. You will change the whole body
      when you change the feet. Feet, hips, shoulders, hands, the whole thing
      will adjust so that you can keep the same swing and hit up or down a bit
      more. I do recommend one ball placement for any shots off the ground.
      Driver can be a little farther up. Good luck with your game! ~Clay

  5. nahshon cline says:

    Thanks a lot for this video. I also read Hogan’s book but didn’t understand
    the foot alignment page until now. After reading your response to another
    viewer you recommended a single ball position when hitting balls off the
    ground. So if I understand that correctly are you saying that my 3 wood
    through my lob wedge ball position should be in the same spot? If so where
    at in the stance? Thanks for the help.

    • nahshon cline says:

      I think I answered my question after reexamination of the Hogan diagram. Do
      you agree with the ball position in Hogan’s diagram? As a beginner would I
      benefit for now by having one ball position?

    • Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard says:

      +nahshon cline Yes, thats correct. You can see he keeps the same position
      through the bag. I like it a little forward with the driver. I recommend
      off the logo of the shirt/left ear. Thats where he has it also. Best of

    • nahshon cline says:

      +Top Speed Golf
      – Clay Ballard,
      Thanks for responding. I can’t wait to try this. Before today I have been
      playing the ball anywhere from the middle of my stance to the inside of my
      left foot depending on the club. This has produced some serious
      inconsistency. Not that I have ever been consistent but having the ball in
      one position (minus driver) hopefully will help.

    • Top Speed Golf - Clay Ballard says:

      Great. Let me know how you do!

  6. brainfree says:

    Cool. Thanks. So the scientific attack angle numbers check out with
    Hogan’s feet. That’s just a bonus on top of the real benefits of this
    stance. Too bad it is so brain free, and easy to go on auto pilot while
    teaching the commonly accepted stance. It looks so good and sounds so
    right. Maybe the next generation will get this critical basic correct.
    “The hardest part of Five Lessons? Believing; believing that everything he
    said in that book.., HE MEANT.” – Mike Maves

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