Ben Hogan Shoulder Trace

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

A 3D look at Ben Hogan's shoulder movements in his golf swing. Trace software courtesy of Gregg McHatton.

6 Responses to “Ben Hogan Shoulder Trace”

  1. PowerFM says:

    Great job ! Looking forward to more videos using the trace software.

  2. madesteve1 says:

    Very much appreciated info. Many thanks from Cornwall UK! 

  3. Chris Downing says:

    What I pick up from this is that his shoulders rotate exactly square to his
    spine angle on the way back – but the as the arms and hands come down at
    the start of the fwd swing they seem to be taken there with the deep
    downwards movement of the right shoulder – from the film more than the
    simulation, it looks like the shoulder comes down a line that extends to
    the ball. That feels very deep when I make a move like that on the practice

    • Chris Downing says:

      When I have made this move you absolutely can slog it with your right
      hand/arm in the way Hogan describes in his book – you feel so far behind
      the ball it feel easy to right hand whip the ball.

  4. desertsun100 says:

    Hogans shoulders were level at address and he never tilted behind the ball.
    Most teachers teach you to tilt which is WRONG. Hogan stayed on top of the
    ball and pushed off his right leg which actually makes you go left.

  5. Dakiz Dakiz says:

    COULD YOU SHOW THE SECRET HA!!….no but seriously i have always felt his
    big move that he developed was the little role of the wrist just before
    impact which helped him square it…..he called it his ‘harley’ move as in
    a harley mortor bike etc. can you show this….cheers… your

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