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"In 1965 the Shell's Wonderful World of Golf match between Ben and Sam Snead was televised. Ben hit every fairway and every green in regulation going on to beat Snead by 3 strokes, 69 to 72. After the match the announcer, Gene Sarazen exclaimed "That was the finest round of golf I have ever seen in my lifetime!". The match was filmed over 2 days at the Houston Country Club in May of 1964. At the end of the show both Sam and Ben offer the viewers some tips on the golf swing. It is believed to be the only time Ben was ever recorded giving a lesson."
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  1. stephen f says:

    Now _that_ is the straight truth. Same for almost all current players —
    talented, but soft.

  2. stephen f says:

    I got to see Trevino play every hole in an early pre-tournament exhibition
    round with Crenshaw, Kite, and Chi Chi Rodriguez once (and a small crowd
    that allowed really close access, if you can believe it). I can still
    remember the sound of the ball off his clubface. I’m not being mythical or
    nostalgic. It really was different. They used to say the same about Hogan.
    Snead would be out-and-out mind-boggling with the modern driver. He’d hate
    game-improvement irons, though. As he should.

  3. stephen f says:

    One more thing about Trevino, since you mentioned him: My dad was on a
    flight (coach) between Texas and California in ’72, when Trevino held the
    U.S., Canadian, and British Open championships (from ’71). He happened to
    get a seat right by Trevino, who was still riding coach. Autographed the
    ticket holder when Dad said he had a developing competitive player at home.
    He said it was like talking to a guy who worked at the grocery store or gas

  4. DL Jamieson says:

    Speaking of Snead, in Dodson’s book, “Hogan, An American Life” he claims
    that Mr. Hogan once made the comment (after a few too many drinks) “If
    Snead had half a brain, he’d have won every tournament he entered.”

  5. DonnyDownunder says:

    I watched the last part of the British open the other day and they were
    battling to hit the fairway with irons off the tee……..

  6. golfmaniac007 says:

    excellent soundtrack. good job!

  7. MrKydaman says:

    Hogan is awesome!!!

  8. Teppo Einari says:

    Absolutely brilliant!

  9. DL Jamieson says:

    Note his punch shot on the 18th hole (5:06) how close the six iron is to
    his right thigh at impact. Truly amazing how close he keeps his arms and
    hands to his body. It proves he let his body do the work.

  10. sang gyun yu says:

    ㅜㅜ so buetiful…

  11. Marvin Sangüesa Golf says:

    What a treasure of footage to have 

  12. DMR4736 says:

    would have loved to have walked around back then watching them play; Snead
    was probably the most natural player and best athlete of his time; had
    incredible flexibility

  13. vince guest says:

    Wow!Just fantastic,thanks for posting.

  14. George Smith says:

    I wonder if wearing pants up to your navel with no belt will come back in

    • DL Jamieson says:

      +George Smith LOL Mr. Hogan had a reputation for dressing impeccably giving
      attention to the finest detail. But stretch waistbands were all the rage
      back then, so I’ll give them that. But what I noticed was how high-water
      his pants are cut and the cuffs seem to be not very well pressed—very
      uncharacteristic for him, especially him knowing he was to be on a
      nationally televised program. (He went to Houston several days prior to
      prepare whereas Mr. Snead flew in the night before taping.)

    • George Smith says:

      +Al Mundy Occasionally on colder days I play in my work slacks which are
      cut to touch the top front of my shoes and the problem is the bottom
      several inches get soaked with morning dew, especially from the rough. If I
      played all the time I’d consider some high-waters.

    • George Smith says:

      +George Smith Upon further reflectoin, I dont think the high waist pants
      will come back. Americans are a LOT fatter now than they were back then and
      would look like circus clowns with high waist pants.

  15. George Smith says:

    Truly amazing how repeatable Hogan’s swing was given how hard he swung.
    If he swung any harder the club would have flown out of his hand. I’ve
    seen a video somewhere of a young Sam Snead saying when he played in the
    same group with Hogan in a tournament that he would not watch Hogan’s tee
    shots for fear that the fast tempo of Hogan’s rip into the ball would mess
    up his tempo.

  16. 60DegreeLobWedge says:

    where can I find the full match unedited?

  17. D Slatts says:

    Love how he hits down on his fw woods and takes a divot with them. It’s
    like watching a machine repeat the same movements over and over again.
    Interesting how with today’s players their arms seem to hang more straight
    down, Mr. Hogan’s arms do not.

  18. D Slatts says:

    Love Gene’s suit !!

  19. RK831 says:

    Playing 7000 yards with persimmon woods and blades, hitting every fairway
    and every green? There is no golfer on the planet today that can strike the
    ball as well as Ben did.

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