Ben Hogan Swing Analysis #1

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

In this video I point out how well Mr. Hogan uses his left shoulder to deliver the head of the club at impact. Mr. Hogan's left shoulder pulls up and away from the ball, whereas sometimes I tend to leave my shoulder down and have to stand up and goat hump to get more room for the club to reach the ball.

I also mention the work of Carl Lohren that I have been recently influenced by. You can see more of his work here…

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  1. David Raudenbush says:

    And looking at the video, you’re so right. Hogan’s swing isn’t the lower
    body drive and rotation we sometimes think and try to achieve. His hands
    drop into position, then, like you say the left hand starts to move up and
    around. That’s where the Lee Namba move starts to take place. Left should
    around and high. Right shoulder around and low. Left hip moving back behind
    the heel line. Right hip and right leg rotating so the move toward the toe

  2. ggggggg says:

    Left shoulder will travel down about 4″ and back 7-8″, it will then return
    but still be down the 4″, then it will come up 6″ and back 6″ these numbers
    were compiled from pro swings

  3. sandman4224 says:

    Christo, you have shown a great skill in editing these videos – so

    This is a perfect example of ‘slicing the cheese’ that Hogan and all of the
    great ball strikers use(d). The swing is an underhand toss initiated by a
    shift in the hips – ‘step and throw’ as Mike Austin explains it, so well.
    As for the shoulders, it is like a wheel that is center based at about C7 –
    what goes down (front shoulder) must come back up when the same plane is
    maintained ( by not rocking them, of course).

    Always enjoy your presentations 🙂

    PS – Drive another 3 1/2 hours further north and you’ll be in the snow belt
    with me. Its a a lovely 35 degrees today. BTW – I live a mile from Oak
    Hill Country Club :)

    • Saint Kimbo says:

      The swing is definitely not, “an underhand toss initiated by a shift in the

      The swing is a double pendulum action, best shown by “Iron Byron’ the swing

      The arms and shoulders form one pendulum and the club is another, the more
      you can move left whilst still remaining central, (hips), the more you can
      stall or lag the second pendulum, thus the hips don’t initiate anything,
      they react to the motion in unison.

      As far as tossing goes, Physicists who study the golf swing have
      demonstrated that when executed properly the double pendulum movement
      creates so much centrifugal force, that the human wrist does not have
      enough strength to overcome this force, and is it is usually, surprise,
      surprise, detrimental to attempt to try manipulate the club with your

    • sandman4224 says:

      Word choice is not that important. It is the concept and the feel. It is
      an up and under move (ie., Christo mentions here about Hogan’s front
      shoulder moving up). As for setup both Trevino and Couples stay open while
      Hogan closes his feet. The move is the same which is cutting though the
      ball and not at it.

    • sandman4224 says:

      +Saint Kimbo
      Iron Byron’s are mechanical. I’m sure those physicists do not understand
      kinesiology. Humans need to generate force through limitations in the
      joints which create the levers necessary to execute the momentum needed for
      acceleration. Thus, a need to shift (the lower pendulum) while the head
      remains still, not a tilt or a sway (see Mike Austin’s teaching on this).
      As for centrifugal force, you are correct. I was writing about the feel of
      the swing,not any manipulated action. The underhand toss move allows for
      optimal unwinding along the correct plane.
      As for results, my anecdotal claims speak for themselves. I am 51 and
      regularly hit my tee shots 270 to 310 yards. Not a pro but a hard study
      amateur who came from another sport (baseball), much like Chriso 🙂

    • Saint Kimbo says:

      +sandman4224 Mike Austin’s swing is a superb example of a double pendulum
      motion, he even emphasis’s the point when he cautions people not to pull or
      drop the left arm, and just allow the body to bring it down which maintains
      it as a perfect lever.

      With all due respect to Mike Austin, and I believe he has one the best
      swings of all time, he didn’t, as far as I know, spend any time in college
      gaining a degree in Psychics or Engineering, so I’ll listen to guys that
      have intensely studied the principles behind force and movement and are
      also golf fanatics.

    • sandman4224 says:

      +Saint Kimbo Yes, Austin was full of hyperbole but was an intelligent auto
      didactic with a passion for the golf swing, as was Hogan. They have both
      contributed to my understanding and practice. Peace…

  4. kilroy escalante says:

    Ah hee hee

  5. Martin MacGill says:

    Faldo has been going on about the left shoulder for years. I believe it’s
    one of his main swing thoughts.

  6. golfninja says:

    One way to look at it is that the left shoulder ‘height’ is there because
    of correct continued upper body ‘rotation’ – if the right shoulder works
    down, under then continues ‘under’ & through as it should rotating around
    the slight ‘s’ shape lumbar to thoracic spine angle with lateral side bend
    the left shoulder moves in the opposite condition. But it’s there because
    of rotation around the correctly shaped spine axis. Really two low points
    in a golf swing first the hands are low on the path to impact, then they
    raise up because of the hips + upper body motion, hands coming up send the
    club head down into the ball then ground – the second low point.

  7. Eric Desjardins says:

    No way the arms can stay in front of the body if they are passive and pivot
    is active. That’s how people get stuck….pivot outpacing the arms. Arms
    have to keep up. The right arm has to straighten some prior to impact which
    it does in the video, and it’s why there’s a gap between his left arm and
    body….as can easily be seen in this video.

  8. Pedro Kwik says:

    Rotation of the swing including the shoulders. Kelvin Miyahira helps me in

  9. abman says:

    Christo I love this channel!! There are some great comments. I too just
    started analyzing and thinking about my shoulders but only after I had my
    breakthrough. This happened because I started regressing to my old habits
    so I had to actually relearn the breakthough! I hate when I look at my good
    swing and wonder how I did that.
    I have some ideas about the shoulders now having learned it a second time.
    The second swing thought of facing the target at impact got both my left
    shoulder up and right shoulder down. You can even see my head is facing
    more towards the target at impact I
    should probably be looking at the ball but then my shoulders stall. I’ll
    work on this eventually.
    The other thought is what you said about “letting the arms go along for the
    ride”. I’ve also noticed that before I was firing my arms way too early. In
    the after I have to really concentrate on not firing and just let them be
    soft. I believe now that this allows my torso and shoulders to be more
    facing the target at impact. If I fire my arms too early then I’m facing
    the ball at impact, you can really see this in the before. This also seems
    to affect how much my right elbow is bent at impact. Hope this can help
    someone or spawn discussion if I’m wrong.

  10. Dave G says:

    The reason the left shoulder rises is that the head and sternum are behind
    the ball. His hands are moving up because they are past the swing center.
    The club descends in a shallow path because the wrists are uncocking. This
    is the secret to swinging shallow.

  11. mark k says:

    I hit 200 balls today up here in New England…. Thank god we have a place
    that has heated covered range stalls! but is funny that I found this vid
    because today the left shoulder was my focus!!!… the left lower back pays
    for this move.. but that is the price you pay for shangri-la! I have
    successfully taken left out of play! (for the most part) I watched Bobby
    Jones video’s today.. his club head path is insane! and the “length of his
    body at impact is so awesome! I could talk golf all day. great job man!

  12. Tim Flaherty says:

    The left shoulder rising is huge on top of his angled hinge sweeping thru
    the ball

  13. captainschroeder says:

    i like your videos….i also like what you’ve done with your swing …i can
    really tell your inspiration was…

  14. Know nothing but Christ crucified says:

    Is the Hogan roll bringing the grip before the head of the club making a
    cupped wrist, then at the top the head passes the hands causing the wrist
    to bow? I know not a great description but i will shoot a video to
    describe and show what I mean. Look for CUP ROLL GOLF.

  15. Steve King says:

    Hi Christo: Here’s a crucial feature I notice about your swing and Hogan’s
    I just compared them. I don’t know if you looked at this at all. At the
    top of the backswing, the distance from the right elbow and the body is
    only 3-4 inches… a small gap both in Hogan’s swing and yours. On the
    downswing this gap closes right away on both but my thought is that with
    such a small gap, it requires very little to come into the “slot” with the
    right elbow so close to the body. I’m thinking that by doing this (right
    elbow close) this results in a flatter swing. Thoughts?

    • myswingevolution says:

      +Steve King When you look at bombers like Jack Nicklaus, Freddie Couples,
      John Daly, or Bubba Watson who take the club much higher that takes their
      right elbow farther off the body as they reach for greater leverage.

  16. jcrown7 says:

    great video Christo as always. however, I think you can’t force the bow in
    the left wrist. it’s a result of the left shoulder rotating towards the
    target as well as rising. try it in slow motion and see.

    • myswingevolution says:

      Thanks for that tip. I think you are right about not forcing it. In fact, I
      don’t think you should force anything but when you see something that you
      are missing, it’s easy to think “well I have to do that.” It should all
      happen because of the forces in the swing.

  17. Robert Daugherty says:

    Good work! Looks like his right knee gathers the ball as it moves laterally
    down across and then around as the left side becomes taller while
    maintaining his spine angle. I never get tired of Hogan’s swing!

  18. Bob Filberth says:

    Pls note: Hogan was double-jointed in both wrists. No one has ever
    commented on this but me. I have studied Kinesiology.

  19. Marcus Butcher says:

    Hey Christo , good things just keep coming off your videos. I’m not sure if
    this is the chicken or the egg , but this left shoulder rise puts me in the
    bow position as on your other video. Man your knocking them out of the
    park… Keep up the good work !!!!!!!

  20. Harry El-Kara says:

    His right arm, right hand,a and his wrist laid back require space to drive
    through impact causes the left shoulder to rise automatically and
    if you try to raise the left shoulder abruptly or consciously, then swing
    would loose fluidity causing multitudes of problems including keeping the
    weight on the back foot, hitting the ball thin, lifting up the chest too
    early etc.. Fluidity is Hogan which is a one continuous dynamic chain of
    actions reactions. once we talk about one piece of the chain you would end
    with smaller segments of several smaller chains that will never be

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