Learn Ben Hogans Secret

In this video I go over the Ben Hogan golf swing in a nutshell.

The Hogan Code is available here!


  1. Art Ford says:

    Another great video.

  2. MrKydaman says:

    Hogan’s swing was poetry in motion.
    Christo’s swing is looking very solid, and you can clearly see the time and
    effort he has put into learning to swing like a legend.

  3. Ivan Crawf says:

    keep up the good work. your swing looks to be improving all the time.

  4. Danielsan says:


  5. Ed Floody says:

    Com’on 5:10 you’re supposed to say ” If you don’t mind I’ll hit a ball”

  6. Mark Anthony says:

    You’re Becoming a Legend Man 😉 You got me back into Golf. Golf is far to
    addictive. if i had the money, i’d higher you to come to london for 6
    months + just to teach me more 😉 But golf is a funny game. as one day i’d
    get the feeling and start striking the ball great, the next day i would
    lose that feeling, and would spend ages trying to work out how to get that
    feeling back again. Golf is like chess for me at the moment. but when you
    strike it well, it becomes more addictive. 🙂 i’m not giving up this time
    round. p.s do you have a good video on the golf grip ? and is there a good
    golf aid which shows me how it feels. thanks man.

  7. historicus146 says:

    Have both the videos, and I believe you have captured Mr. Hogan’s swing.
    Uncupping and the transition are the most difficult…for me.
    The BIG question is “Is the Hogan Swing inferior or superior to the Modern
    Swing?” that being a swing with the hips resisting
    and the “non cup” of the left wrist…

    • myswingevolution says:

      Having done both under the tutelage of the best teachers in the game, the
      Hogan swing is superior for myself.

    • Michael Turner says:

      +myswingevolution your left wrist is never cupped at the top. Nor was my
      hogans. All of his slow mo DTL swing videos and your videos show you both
      have a FLW at the top. Any amateur who thinks they should “cup” their wrist
      will hit the wildest slices of their lives. I see it time and time again

  8. Team Would says:

    Christo, broke 80 for the first time last Friday (77) and my swing thought
    was keeping pressure on the inside part of my right foot. Such a fun day
    and great Fathers Day present! Thx for the inspiration and all your help!

  9. Ball Striker says:

    Yeah, p/u 5 lessons, it’s all in there.

  10. Joe Smith says:

    has anyone bought the hogan code or thinking of buying it? i’m thinking
    about it!

  11. Gregg Horstmeyer says:

    Christo, I discovered you about 3 months ago and you have changed my
    golfing life. I jut could never figure out why I was either hitting a good
    shot or a bad one. Your teaching has provided so much clarity and
    improvement for me. Thanks. I have purchased “The Hogan Code” and I
    recently purchased “The Classic Swing”. However the download for ” The
    Classic Swing” will not play as I get a message saying the file is
    corrupted. Could you please direct me as to how I can get access to this
    additional great video?

  12. Dutch Steutel says:

    Great clip. A dog would be a nice addition, @sevam1 style

  13. Luke Trice says:

    it’s a shame you don’t shoot below par

    • myswingevolution says:

      I’ve shot 2 under par twice on 18 holes. I’m working on my short game now
      to really become more consistent.

    • Luke Trice says:

      +myswingevolution 30 putts in a row from 3 feet around the hole everyday
      did it for me man. Goodluck!

  14. D Slatt says:

    Okay, I will try to remember all of this as I begin my swing, head stays
    still and behind ball, one piece take a way, left arm straight, keep weight
    on middle side of right foot, transition with lower body moving first to
    create coil for power and getting in the slot, push off of inside of right
    foot on down swing, hit down on the ball. Lot to remember for one swing
    ….but i can try.

    • myswingevolution says:

      Unless you are a natural genius that has never taken a golf lesson and you
      can shoot under par, you will have to learn how to do it step by step. Then
      one day, like in martial arts, it just happens on it’s own. I’m still
      evolving but most of it is very clear.

  15. Freudi Snipes says:

    Hey Christo, I’m loving your vids man! But, I do have one question… How
    can you work on keeping that right elbow tucked? I always have trouble with
    this, maybe it’s because I’m not flexible enough? Anyways keep up the good
    work 👍🏻

    • myswingevolution says:

      Flexibility could have something to do with it but I find that if I keep my
      elbows in front of my chest, it helps a lot. If that elbow gets around
      behind you, it’s trouble!

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