Ben Hogan Swing Take 8

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Believe I'm on the right track now….took the 'right' fork in the crossroads.

I've flagged more irons this week than I did all of last year.

11 Responses to “Ben Hogan Swing Take 8”

  1. Gerard Starks says:

    Rock Solid… Martin Wise. Like ole Fats said when you first arrived at
    Golf WRX……….. Take that swing out and play……

  2. 1gillispie says:

    Your swing is alot flatter and simpler!! Wow!

  3. Martin Ayers says:

    OK, you’ve convinced me to have a go. 😀

  4. kuneckid05 says:

    lovely swing, i love the way it has been captured. What is the song called?

  5. Keern Haslem says:

    Awesome video. Best swing on the planet! Great work Martinez!

  6. T W says:

    Beautiful swing, please tell us your swing thoughts!

  7. Martin Ayers says:

    I have made quite a few videos doing just that…check out my other vids.

  8. Martin Ayers says:

    Just click on my username it will link to my page. 😀

  9. Martin Ayers says:

    Thanks for the comments. I actually never have hook problems, my miss is a
    pull fade. I have the most trouble with trying to draw the ball….it tends
    to go very straight, so if I set up for a Draw, I make sure it doesn’t have
    to draw to be playable.

  10. Martin Ayers says:

    The model is Ben Hogan for the visualization.

  11. Andrew McAnallen says:

    That looks like a great swing!

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