Ben Hogan Swing Take 9

Learn Ben Hogans Secret

Getting closer? A free flowing flail, that is trapped, my goal starting out. I have achieved that. Very excited about my game.

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  1. Martin Ayers says:

    @fadi1025 ur making an assumption based on your own flawed perception 🙂

  2. GJack says:

    Martin… Just curious what the specs (loft, shaft, etc) on your driver
    are. I thought I saw a video that you say it’s shortened. Also I notice
    your left arm leaves your body more than in some other vids… Especially
    the captain hookback vid. No criticisms just learning.

  3. einardan2005 says:

    great swing men!

  4. kuneckid05 says:

    You are so right there. As long as you stay balanced through out the swing,
    you can then force every shot or swing mega fast but still keep
    fundamentals controlled. Text-book swings don’t exist. But it looks as you
    strike it pure, consistant and powerful. I really like your swing. saying
    that I probably watched this video over 50 times, just for the song, but
    always seem to watch you hit them balls. Many things can be learned just
    from watching you. Thanks for the Great Video !

  5. OnePlaneSpartan329 says:

    Look at that lag! Also, a great pivot and move to the left. Very nice man.

  6. Colin Brunton says:

    Great swing shows real power. Is your predominant shot a left to right or
    at worst a hook? As I am sure you know, your working on a flat plane and if
    your using Mr Hogan’s swing as a mantra then its beautifully consistant.
    There is less left knee break and heel lift too and that obviously works
    for you to stay on level head height. Did you weaken your grip at all to
    counter the other factors? Great song as well 🙂

  7. Richard Montfort says:

    Good work as Near Hogan as i would dream to be……you got it where many
    have failed.

  8. Richard Montfort says:

    Good work as Near Hogan as i would dream to be……you got it where many
    have failed.

  9. Antonio Onyon says:

    hey. how can i achieve the same swing plane. i love your swing plane. just
    like hogans and i like the way you approach the ball at impact. looks good.
    please let me know how or what i can do to achieve the same swing plane.
    thank you

  10. Mox_au says:

    solid man, nice swing

  11. dillingerexcape87 says:

    really nice swing

  12. jeff palmer says:

    @fadi1025 flawed perception is being kind. saying he is swinging to fast is
    just ignorant =-)

  13. Robert Greenawalt says:

    wow…@martinez29696 this is one of the nicest swings ive ever seen. its
    beautiful…nice job!

  14. Robert Greenawalt says:

    @MrRobeezy29 @martinez19696

  15. roosterinboro says:

    I love how you don’t overswing. Is your grip exactly as Ben describes in 5
    Lessons? (Been studying that book since ’79) Found an original hardback
    copy on my dad’s bookshelf, printed in very early 50’s.

  16. Dreama40 says:

    nice swing, how about some views from front on next time

  17. Timothy Frost says:

    Its cheating when you put the one swing on a loop 😉

  18. Joseph Murray says:


  19. TheSeer101 says:

    This guy teaches people to lock the right knee on the backswing. You can
    see he does not do it himself. Same thing with that stupid most powerful
    move in golf.

  20. Solomon Northup says:

    i really can’t see anything wrong with this swing. you are one of the best
    ball strikers in the world with the plane that you have.

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